3 usefull plugins for Gimp

plugins for gimp are usefull because give more choice when you are designing or adding effects to a photo , here are 3 nice and usefull ones , Blur & Shadow, Rss lightsaber and Colour Match plugin.


1- Blur & Shadow :

Creates a picture which is a duplication of the current picture blured as background, and the current picture itself reduce with a border and shadow around it as foreground





Original photo Result photo

Download Blur & Shadow plugin:

2- RSS Lightsaber (LSE) v0.9


RSS Lightsaber (or LSE) is a simple script for creating lightsaber effect in picture. The script base on my own algorithm.

  • Fast script’s execution.
  • Independent setting for blur size of the lightsaber’s core and glow around saber.
  • Some features to provide correct effects on extra large photos (above 20 Mp).



3- Colour Match



Easily map colours from a source colour to a target colour. Very effective for matching skin tones across images or between people.

Relatively quick (but not earth shattering). It doesn’t work with grayscale or indexed images. Has preview, works with selections and layers, etc. Very, easy to use, and quite useful for portraits or recolouring graphics.

f you have an x86_64 version of GIMP 2.7 on linux, bunzip2 and move the colour-match file to your plugin directory:
bunzip2 colour-match.bz2
chmod 700 colour-match (Make it executable)
mv colour-match ~/.gimp-2.7/plug-ins/colour-match

To build it type: gimptool-2.0 --install colour-match.c
You will need libgimp-dev, and libgtk2.0-dev packages if you didn’t build GIMP from source.

Download Links :


Links :


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