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Every student has encountered academic writing problems just once in their life. You may have no time or not understand the task. It may be too long or too difficult. You may experience personal or health issues. Whatever the reason is, you will need help.

If you start searching for support on the Internet, you will see a lot of fee-paying options. But you are a student who may not be able to afford to pay. So, what to do? Read this review.

We have compiled a detailed description of after trying it and are sure that it is helpful. You will learn about the benefits of the platform and what it can offer. So, let’s start.

How Can PaperTyper Help Students in Academic Writing?

Juli Sheller created this platform to help students deal with academic writing difficulties. The site has been on the market for about a decade and has gained a lot of appreciation from the students who used it or continue using it for their academic purposes. They usually leave a lot of positive reviews and comments on such independent platforms as Trustpilot or SiteJabber. It means that we recommend this AI-powered free essay writing service, which provides high-quality material and saves a lot of time.

Now consider how this platform can help you. You may usually require assistance for the following reasons:

  • lack of experience;
  • improper guidance and too complex guidelines;
  • lack of academic writing knowledge and poor understanding of formatting styles;
  • time constraints related to a lot of academic responsibilities like attending classes, studying for exams, or participating in extracurricular activities;
  • language barriers experienced by ESL students;
  • need for more detailed feedback from instructors;
  • confidence issues and lack of motivation.

If you are experiencing just one of these, you can use Essay Typer, Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker, and Citation Generator here on the site in one pack and for free. You can generate and edit any type of paper. If you are worried whether the platform can cope with complex academic papers, like research work or dissertations, you don’t need to worry.

The Essay Typer tool has recently been updated and uses improved AI. It will allow the generator to create the draft for the most complicated assignments. If you see that the tool can’t generate your sophisticated paper in the usual mode, you have the option to try this upgraded version. The only thing is that you will have to register and log in to the site.

If you feel that machine-generated and edited paper may not be enough for you, you can always hire a real-time academic author on this website. You will receive a customized paper, of course, but you will have to pay for it as on all other similar sites.

There is one more amazing option we would like to draw your attention to. It is Knowledge Bank. This information repository is truly valuable, so let’s consider it in more detail.

How Can Knowledge Bank Be Useful for You?

The Knowledge Bank page here is an extended library of all the materials needed for your academic writing improvement. Its clear and straightforward interface will allow you to find exactly what you need in several minutes and always be informed about all official changes in academic writing requirements and rules.

So, how can Knowledge Bank help you boost your academic writing? You can consider the following:

  1. You will get all the necessary learning resources that include writing guides and educational materials on various aspects of writing, like, for example, grammar and style guidelines or structuring an academic paper.
  2. You will access professional examples and templates for different types of papers that can serve you as models to understand the required format, style, and paper organization.
  3. You will learn writing tips and advice tailored to specific disciplines and topics and guidance on conducting research, improving coherence and clarity, or developing arguments.
  4. You will even learn research methodology, using academic databases, and data analyzing techniques, as well as explanations on how to find relevant sources, evaluate the information’s credibility, or conduct literature reviews.
  5. You will get citation and referencing guides on different citation styles, which include an explanation of the specific rules and formats for APA, MLA, and other widely used academic styles.
  6. You will get answers to a variety of academic writing-related questions that may emerge in the process of paper creation from scratch or generation with the help of these tools.

We can say that this part of the site is especially among students because it provides endless opportunities for writing improvement.

However, there are other useful things you can gain from this site without spending too much time and, of course, for free. Plagiarism Checker is one of them.

How Can Plagiarism Checker Help You?

Apart from the amazingly powerful Essay Typer that provides drafts of any complexity, the platform has integrated Plagiarism Checker with algorithms that allow getting access to a wide variety of the most reputable and relevant academic databases online to detect any slightest signs of plagiarism.

If you are worried about the uniqueness of your draft, the tool will provide you with the following benefits:

  • checking originality;
  • identifying any unintentional similarities with existing sources;
  • ensuring academic integrity and ethical writing practices;
  • highlighting the sections that need proper citation or paraphrasing by giving credit to the original authors;
  • refining any type of writing by identifying any instances of potential plagiarism and providing ways to produce high-quality content;
  • peace of mind for submitting their assignments with confidence.

We have tested the effectiveness of this tool by using other plagiarism checkers. They proved a 100% result.

Final Thoughts

We can responsibly recommend PaperTyper to you if you need urgent help with your academic writing. You can generate and edit your paper within about half an hour and for free. Isn’t it the best benefit of this amazing set of AI-powered paper-generating and editing tools?

The only thing we would like to add is about using these tools responsibly and accurately. Remember that all the texts generated here can serve you as a draft and an excellent source of ideas. You need to consider the options of submitting the draft as it is if you are pressed for time or adding something on your part. You can always use Grammar Checker and Plagiarism Checker to edit the pieces of writing created on your own.