Ubuntu 12.10 Released, attacking Windows 8

Ubuntu 12.10 Released, attacking Windows 8

Canonical has just released the new version of Ubuntu 12.10, also known as Quantal Quetzal. If you decide to download the new version from Ubuntu’s official webpage, you will notice a rather provocative message. Above the download button, a slogan appears urging the users to install Ubuntu 12.10 instead of Microsoft Windows 8, not because of Ubuntu’s superiority but just to avoid the drama of Metro UI. In a matter of fact, it says “Avoid the pain of Windows 8. The all-new Ubuntu 12.10 is out now“.

If one were asked to name the reasons why choosing to use Ubuntu 12.10 over Windows 8, there will be plenty, eg. Ubuntu 12.10 beta features, Ubuntu 12.10 beta 2 sneak peek. However the most significant part of the system, is the Linux kernel itself, while Unity desktop, dash lens and web apps are matters of secondary importance. Thus, Ubuntu — positioned to be king of the hill — speaks in favor of all Linux distributions, offering the best alternative desktop operating system to Windows 8 disappointed users. Also, according to the latest statements of IT industry (especially video-game makers), Windows 8 is going to be a disaster. So if this statement comes finally true, then Ubuntu 12.10 will be the safe house protecting your PC from the storm. Right ?

Yes and No.

If you are already an Ubuntu user, it is reasonable to update your current version to the latest one. However if you are a potential unhappy Windows 8 user, you have two options:

1) either downgrade to Windows 7 (most likely)

2) or give Ubuntu 12.10 a try.

Please notice that Windows 8 release date coincides with the release of Valve’s Steam (in beta phase), meaning that Ubuntu will be the first Linux distribution available to play games in decent graphics. I guess that in the next three months there will be a dramatic raise in Ubuntu user database statistics at distrowatch, because there will be no other Linux distribution supporting Steam until Q1 2013.

Sad but true, Ubuntu has already several bugs that need to be fixed. As a GNOME fan, I believe that Unity gives its users the same pain as Metro UI will give. However, we shouldn’t forget that Ubuntu is an open source, free of charge operating system. So, Windows 8 being both software and price-wise disappointing, it’s quite hard to survive around these days…

  • sharavsambuu

    great post thank you!

  • Pablo N

    hi! I wish to add a post with more information about programs and tips in ubuntu quantal quetzal



  • GuyP

    In all these discussions trashing Unity everyone always seems to miss the obvious: use another desktop environment or a pre-made solution such as Lubuntu

  • GuyQ

    That’s because they have no idea of the obvious.

  • Wahyu Atmaja

    Hello iam newbie .. please help me ..

  • http://www.ubuntuxtream.com/ Panos Georgiadis

    The obvious is comparing default vs default, not default vs whatever-desktop-I-like-the-most. Personally, I run Ubuntu using Unity 2D or Cinamon.

  • farukdgn

    12.10 disappointed me. Unity just went ugly and the animations got crazy. Buggy and ugly UI…

  • http://www.facebook.com/alkh3myst Musa Ibraheem

    Lubuntu 12.10 works beautifully. I had a brief audio issue, but the fixes were well documented, and cost me a minimum of time.

  • anona


  • Dev

    I had to downgrade to 12.04. Things would go haywire post Nvidia graphics installation.

  • Polar Bear

    i tried windows 8 enterprise free 90 days trial and it works stable and pretty fast.Latest drivers works fine and its not so bad i think… The upgrade price is 40 dollars i think and you can still use open source software and get minimum of errors and stability like in win7..While this ‘attacking’ release full of errors and unstable.Lets be honest its childish slogun.Just do what you have to instead of manipulating people like in those macintosh adds ..mac making jokes on vista and pc guy.6 mounths of work and ubuntu developers have global menu for libbre office working.Great..Did i mention that internal ubuntu apport error is still not fixed in rock solid lts 12.04.1 even 12.10 still has it..

  • http://www.canonical.com/ Steve George

    But that’s not a fair comparison. On Windows and on OSX you cannot change the desktop experience (without a lot of pain). On Linux (Ubuntu in this case) you can.

    It’s particularly, odd when you’re writing for a Unix/Linux focused site – and it’s these sorts of advanced users who are exactly the target for changing ‘everything’ in their environment. So while I do get your base point, it sort of short-sells Ubuntu and Linux compared to the others.

  • http://www.canonical.com/ Steve George

    I’m sure that the multi-billion pound company that is Microsoft with it’s multi-million pound marketing budget doesn’t mind a little bit of ‘joking’ from Ubuntu that their upgrades are often painful.

    And since it’s Open Source and you paid nothing for it – I’m sure we wouldn’t mind if you contributed by fixing the apport bug ;-)

  • Polar Bear

    I think they just need to do what they have to and people will use ubuntu while they acting like mac guy in those adds about vista.Bug i think can be fixed manually bu disabling apport service.

  • Miodrag Milić


    You can change it easily. U just don’t know it.
    Equally painful as on Linux.

    Actually, I am pretty disappointed by this article. Windows 8 gaming will suck ? Can you give any reference ? Unity is the same sht as Metro.
    The only difference is not technology, but the price. And thats about it. Probably enough for one to choose.

  • Ryan Northrup

    Really? You can get rid of Windows Explorer on Windows? Maybe on Windows 95, when you still had the option of using Windows 3.1’s Program Manager. Sure, there are third-party shell replacements for Windows, but there’s minimal likelihood that they’ll work properly in Windows 8 due to how radically different the UI is (which implies differences in how the shell is launched).

    Not to mention that the GUI is an integral part of Windows, whereas the GUI in Linux (and other UNIX-based operating systems for the most part) is just another application, thus being – on a technical level – *much* easier to replace.
    As for Windows 8 gaming sucking, you should talk to Valve: http://www.zdnet.com/valve-windows-8-is-a-catastrophe-for-pcs-7000001634/

  • xD


  • http://twitter.com/sinekonata manuel tondeur

    I could never grasp the reasons for the Unity hatred.
    It’s one of the (non-ethical) reasons I wouldn’t go back to windows ever. Switching from anything to Firefox for me is as simple as super+3 or super+1 for the terminal. If there’s no instance it opens one. I used to have a freaking bash script to do that exact same shit in gnome and it was never as snappy…

    Also please don’t argue against the Dash or HUD, there is simply no reason to.

    And if you miss the gnome/win7 windows bar like me, just install the much better “tint2” which is just an amazing solid entirely configurable program or even “Docky” for mac-lover-noobs.

  • http://twitter.com/sinekonata manuel tondeur

    Those mac ads were pretty childish, and this slogan is as well, I do agree.
    Cause using windows is not necessarily a pain for everyone.
    It has been for me though, my win7 even stopped booting at all and I just tossed it. I installed Ubuntu since and I only had to upgrade it for free every 6 months.

    The fact is that Linux as an OS is superior to Windows or Macos.
    And as a Desktop UI, I still place Ubuntu (freaking beautiful) above Win7 and way above Macos. Despite the few glitches, and bugs.

    Also you paid 40$, just think about that for a week or two…

  • http://twitter.com/sinekonata manuel tondeur

    If instead of buying a crappy OS for 40$ you gave half towards open-source, you’d have a bit more results…
    And before you’ve actually given, I suggest you stop acting like the Ubuntu community owes you something.

  • http://twitter.com/sinekonata manuel tondeur

    There’s a fix for it, just google it I can’t remember the page.

  • Miodrag Milić

    _Not to mention that the GUI is an integral part of Windows_

    Not any more. You can install OS without GUI and manage it using powershell.

    I don’t know about win8, but in pre-win8 you could remove Explorer shell easily. Not so absolutely as in *nix world tho but still good enough.

    Thank for the Valve link.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barterpc Walter Wally Thomas

    I really don’t get all the complaints. Polar Bear Honestly though $40 for Windows server upgrade. Think about what you said it’s so wrong on 2 fronts (not just one). One being anyone with two-bits to put together knows Linux is by far the better server (not desktop, but real server) solution. And on average more small-medium sized businesses prefer either Ubuntu or Debian. Next point … $40 … Really ? I don’t think so. Think about it ….. First Windows 8 Pro alone costs $69, Second there is no Windows 8 server just Windows 12 server. So either you bought some pirated version or your really a Microsoft hippie sent to spam the page. Wake up and smell the decently ground expresso because we ain’t drinking that cheap junk.

  • NEILL1

    Windows 8, IS, nothing more then a huge pile of CRAP anyhow.
    IF, there is ANY Windows OS selection that I would make, it would be good ole Windows XP, as my first choice, followed by Windows 7.

    But, as far as Windows 8, WILL take Ubuntu 12.10 over Windows 8 ANYTIME,and ANYWHERE.

  • http://twitter.com/svitekphotos Milan (Mike) Svitek

    I don’t mind Unity. Its different, and GNOME is a bit better (think Fedora’s UI), but Unity has its own perks as well. If someone is moving from Windows to Ubuntu, then they won’t have any problems with Unity at all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.olson.716970 Mike Olson

    me loves unity, especially when using gimp. I did turn off the internet crap in the dash though :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.olson.716970 Mike Olson

    i had the same problem, there is a fix though, forgot what i did but i can re-locate it for you if you like.

  • Dev

    Is this the one you’re talking abouthttp://techhamlet.com/2012/10/install-nvidia-drivers-in-ubuntu-12-10/

  • Dev

    Actually I’m resisting myself from being sucked up into the temptation of trying the new version, have a couple of deadlines very soon!

  • zotrules

    Let us be honest on one thing:

    no matter how great any given distro may be, there’s one thing that is of utmost importance here: the compatibility with your laptop or PC.

    Ubuntu fails in most areas where windows excels.

    For example, webcams have to be installed from scratch if they are not recognized by Ubuntu. – But then you will say, you have to do the same in windows. It is true, but all of the manufacturers make drivers and software ready for windows; so you can install software which is nearly 100% of the time available. I can’t say the same for ubuntu.

    Let’s say, my laptop is a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ61VN. After so many efforts i managed to install and make work the fingerprint reader. Just upgraded to Quantal and the fingerprint reader stopped working with the login window. So now i have to enter a password again in order to login.

    Although i have managed to make everything else work, there’s still huge problems in ubuntu. While you brag with the kernels, all i can say is that i am surprised you haven’t noticed that hibernation does NOT work on laptops, suspension or sleep mode does NOT work either. Yes, I am talking about LID ACTIONS. Closing the laptop lid is pretty much a useless action, unless you’re doing it to protect your keyboard from dust.

    These things are imperative for a user to decide whether to stick with ubuntu or give up after 3 years of struggle to make simple things like this work.

    And i am not talking about personalization… in Unity there’s no such thing as personalization. You can only change the desktop background… which basically is the same as you looking at a different picture from time to time. While in the past it used to be so much better, up to distros 10.x.

    I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have a loading screen that works properly. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have themes work properly and not have everything else bugged for life till the next fresh install or release upgrade.

    Lightdm or GDM do not work proficiently as the environment windows provides, or apple, for that matter that hasn’t changed the tiniest bit the excruciatingly boring look since at least 5 years ago.

    There’s a lot of little bits and pieces ubuntu team can work on to make the perfect system as they intend ubuntu to be.

    if you are using your computer just to edit text files or browse the internet, you may as well stick to windows (or whatever OS your computer shipped with) because there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to go to ubuntu. Or just get yourself a chromebook and do everything in your google account. Otherwise, i do not believe ubuntu is making a point or people who start comparing operating systems.

    To conclude, i have used ubuntu for so many years; I also have used windows 8, and i firmly believe that windows 8 (even win7) gives no room for doubts. It thrashes every single ubuntu distro out there. It is so blazing fast that no ubuntu distro will ever be in the foreseeable future, considering the fact that Quantal is a lot slower than Pangolin… which makes one think that ubuntu is sliding in the wrong direction since 10.x.

    This is my humble opinion.

  • one_warm_wolverine

    Well it’s obvious to me that if I had to choose between The disaster that is Gnome 3 or the Windows 8 disaster I would go to pen and paper. They are both truly awful for getting any kind of work done easily. As you say there are so many other options in the Linux world that we are all in luck! I wish Ubuntu & MS (well, I don’t care what MS does) would realize that not everyone wants to work by touch on a tiny screen. I really tried with Ubuntu as I have been using it for years. Oh well and long live the penguin.

  • carvalho da silva

    I also prefer Kubunto. I love kde :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/eperbab.zalai Eperbab Zalai

    After 6 years, I have just moved from Ubuntu to AntiX. Smaller & boots faster then *buntu. No Unity disaster.

  • Atakan

    Windows 8 is better -,-

  • Keeper242

    Ubuntu 12.10 for me. Why? because it’s free! and I don’t have to spend $100+ for a buggy software.

  • KamronBennett

    Huh, I’m lost… Anyway, I’ve always loved Gnome, only God knows why they switched to unity and the workaround is a pain to get through. I think 10.04 LTS is the best Ubuntu ever and based on my experience with Quantal, there is hardly any way I am going to switch from Windows 8 to it if I were a windows fan/zombie that is (thank God I am not). I “upgraded” to 12.04 and went right back to Lucid.

  • MysticalBurrito

    Unity has certainly improved over time, it now includes a search bar and is really practical once you get to know it, but I can’t run both unity and CairoDock at the same time, unfortunately.

  • MysticalBurrito

    Also, Unity was put in place to add some tablet support, its managed to perfectly mesh the tablet and the PC into one, and now they’ve even got it running on phones that can run your computer, think about that…

  • sinekonata

    Yeah, you’re referring to the “Amazon search”? That’s a bummer indeed, fortunately we can turn it off…

  • sinekonata

    Wow, you are very a rare specimen, I’ve never seen one before, there has to be like a thousand of you out there…

  • JHS

    So lame…

    Vendors driver support does not make Winboze shine. It makes devices shine on in, which is quite the opposite of your statement, if you understand what I mean.

    In the same time Linux successfully deals with plenty of hardware with no vendor support. How about that?
    Not to mention you are completely missing the point when comparing operating systems.
    Simply trolling, eh?

  • zotrules

    I would have appreciated if you had made a little sense.
    I have pointed out exactly to the problem. All you’ve done is moan.
    You must be one of those people that enjoy believing they’re caught in the middle of a war between OS-s. Utterly pointless. Personally I really don’t care. As I pointed out, windows 7 utterly thrashes ubuntu 12.10 to pieces. That is a fact. Also, 12.10 doesn’t stand a chance against win 8. The fact that there’s a myriad of hardware to take care of(and they haven’t managed to keep up) does not in any case make any point whatsoever. The fact remains as is. Yes, you are trolling by speaking nonsense.

  • AZ

    I succesfully use both of them :)