Tip: Kali Linux Live Root User Default Password

Tip: Kali Linux Live Root User Default Password

Hello Guys,

It really has been a very long time, since I last published something. Now am back, and let’s get to some geeky tricks and tips.

i was using Kali linux live boot recently and decided to lock the system out of curiosity and something interesting happened and that’s all I want to share with you to day.

May be you also did same and now needs help. In fact, when I ran into this problem I was not having any other source or means to access internet in order to Google this, I tried some random passwords, but all failed and guess what I did it without the help of Google. All by myself.

All you need to do is to to reverse root, which is


There you go. Enjoy!

  • pablojet

    same a almost every dist …

  • noah

    It’s been toor since the first releases of Backtrack.

  • Raint Wu

    Pic look nice.

  • taxi333

    If you don’t know what the root password of kali linux, please stop using it … seriously, reading instructions doesn’t hurt

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