Install xRDP in ubuntu 13.04

Install xRDP in ubuntu 13.04

What is xRDP?  xRDP is a server which allows you to  connect remotely  to ubuntu via Remote Desktop Connection. It helps you to use  Microsoft RDP  to connect to ubuntu without any  configuration.

Now open a new terminal window (ctrl + alt + t)
If you want to connect  to your ubuntu box from Windows 7  via Remote Desktop install xRDP with the ‘sudo apt-get install xrdp’ command like shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Type Y and press enter like shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

After the download and installation process is finished go to your windows 7 box and  run remote desktop client,  type ubuntu hostaname or ip address and click  connect.   The xrdp server will ask for the username and password of  the ubuntu machine.  It is so simple.

  • brian mullan

    The very best way I found to get the latest xrdp and also the x11rdp installed was via the great work by the people behind and their X11RDP-o-Matic tool/script:

    The URL above points to the current release which when run downloads the latest source for everything from GIT, builds xrdp and x11rdp for you and then installs them.

    Be aware that ScaryGliders is working on a major update which is already in Beta:

    As with any Beta … use judgement & test with vm’s probably first.

    Anyway… combining what ScaryGliders is doing with the great HTML5 remote desktop work going on with GUACAMOLE:

    And you have a very capable HTML5/Browser based RDP remote desktop to the machine/vm you install the xrdp & x11rdp on using ScaryGliders.

  • Richard


    This article is a little bit short… here you have just installed the package xrpd. You might need to perform additional configuration…

    Previous comments mentioned scarygliders

    another good source is the following one

    This source explains some additonal configuration to be performed if you receive a blank desktop after login on and also how to set your keyboard layout

    hope this help

  • chuck


    For some reason the in 13.04 all the fallback options don’t work. I keep getting error, “failed to load session gnome classic”

  • disappointed

    weak. this site is full of outdated info

  • Gregory Oakley-stevenson

    for references,they removed gnome classic

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