How to install Nagios from repo Fedora/Centos/SL


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Nagios  is  one of  the most  powerful  open source  monitoring tool,  its  giving  the opportunity for monitoring  all OS and  devices ,   in our previous posts, we did show you how to install Nagios from source in Fedora and CentOS,  today we will see how to install  it directly  from yum in Fedora/Centos/SL(Scientific Linux) in easy steps.

Install Nagios

yum install nagios*
  • Now Start Nagios 
 /etc/init.d/nagios start  
  • Start nagios on boot

chkconfig nagios on Start httpd apache

/etc/init.d/httpd start 
Start apache on boot 
chkconfig httpd on
  • Make Nagios admin password  
htpasswd -c /etc/nagios/passwd nagiosadmin
  • check the nagios.conf  file  in the  apache conf.d directory
  • Disable SELinux:
# vim /etc/selinux/config 
# reboot
  • Check   if  nagios  users and groups are added
# groupadd nagios 
# adduser nagios -g nagios 
# passwd nagios
# usermod -G nagios nagios 
# usermod -G apache,nagios apache
  • Check nagios  config  with
nagios -v /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg
Checking obsessive compulsive processor commands
... Checking misc settings... Total Warnings: 0 Total Errors:   0

 Now start nagios   and  report if worked for you.

http://ip/nagios  and login with  your  nagiosadmin user already created