How to Enable Hibernate Feature in Ubuntu 13.04

How to Enable Hibernate Feature in Ubuntu 13.04

In Ubuntu 13.04 ‘Raring Ringtail’, the hibernate feature which enables you to power down your computer while its current state is maintained have been disabled or not included in the shut down menu. Hibernation also saves electrical power compared to Suspend or Sleep.

This how you can enable it:

1. Open the terminal.

2. Copy and paste the command below:

$ sudo gedit /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/hibernate.pkla


3.  This creates and opens a new gedit window. Copy and paste the code below into it:

[Re-enable Hibernate]


4. Save the file and close it.

5. Reboot the computer.

6. Click on the settings icon to view the ‘Hibernate’ option enabled.


You’re done.

  • Abdul Wahid

    i did it and than my ubuntu unable to display lunchpad and top menu bar. i does not do anything…my system stuck here. :( now wht should i do?? plz help me, i don’t want hibernate option now i just want to return my previous state. :(

  • Enock Seth

    Sorry Abdul, Kindly restart the system, if it fails, Go over the steps in the article and remove the code added. Let me know if doesn’t work. Thanks.

  • t3xt

    I’ll try it out.. thanks man!

  • Ruben

    I’ve did exactly what you did but I don’t see any “hibernate” option in the shutdown menu.
    This is what happened in my terminal (see picture).
    Then I entered the code in gedit, saved, closed, rebooted my pc and no result.
    And yes, I’m using Ubuntu 13.04 (64-bit).

  • Emir

    Good job! This worked for me. Hibernate option displayed and works fine.

    Even I had trouble with wifi when I suspend the system; all drivers and devices works fine after wake up from hibernate.

    Just a note; when copying from command box at the site it adds ” – See more at:” this is not good when copying and pasting to terminal.

  • Emir

    I think you have to create a hibernate partition before.

  • kratoz29

    i can’t hibernate my laptopt i got an error when i hibernate through terminal (sudo pm-hibernate)
    This is:

    0000:00:15.0:pcie04: Device 0000:02:00.0 already exist at 0000:02:00.0 cannot hot-add

  • Ruben

    Why that ??
    Hibernate saves everything in RAM I thought?
    I’ve 3 gigs what’s more than enough…

  • KojiroAK

    the sudo should be gksudo or gedit should be nano.
    You shouldn’t use gui stuff wih sudo. When you want to start gui stuff with root privileges use gksudo or kdesudo.

  • Enock Seth Nyamador

    Thanks KojiroAK for this information.