Happy news for Ubuntu 64 bit users!!!!


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Now you can install Adobe Flash 64 bit in Ubuntu using the Canonical Partner repository. Earlier Ubuntu 64bit users had to install the 32bit version of flash which was included in a ‘plugin wrapper’ so that it works on 64bit version of Ubuntu. With the recent release of Adobe Flash 11, 64 bit Adobe Flash 11 has been made possible. 64bit Ubuntu users can install Adobe Flash 11 from the Ubuntu partner repository in the Ubuntu Software Center.

Eagerly waiting for Ubuntu 11.10?? You can pre-order Ubuntu 11.10 CDs. At present only 32 bit version is available. The Cds will be shipped from October 20. You can preorder Ubuntu 11.10, kubuntu 11.10 and Ubuntu Server 11.10.

Ubuntu 11.10 –

Kubuntu 11.10 –

Ubuntu Server 11.10 –

Head to Canonical shop to preorder your copy today.