Bleeding Edge script is available for Ubuntu 12.04

Bleeding Edge is now available for Ubuntu 12.04, this is  a shell script designed for Ubuntu 32 and 64bit. It installs repositories, keys, and software – such as Gimp2.8, adobe reader, dropbox, media players, codecs, MS fonts, drivers, etc with one click. It also cleans up the system.

1- Download the script

Download Bleeding Edge script

2- Open terminal, cd the folder where you downloaded the script and then make it executable

sudo chmod +x

3- Run the script using the command:

sudo ./

  • Максим Мишутин

    Ubuntu 12.04
    ./ 2: ./ Syntax error: newline unexpected

  • Smyttie41

    Open terminal, cd the folder where you downloaded the script. This is my issue with using Linux what does this mean it is never explained just like I’m suppose to know I’m a die Hard Linux user, well try to be and then I always run into something like this and I’m done, wish I knew where to learn all of this . Thanks everyone


    Nice 1….But u should also add “Check All” Uncheck All” Button…!!

  • Slade752

    say you want to navigate to a folder inside your home folder you would open up terminal and type “cd ~/name of folder” cd is just a command to tell the system to navigate, and dont worry the more you use linux things will just click eventually, ive been using it for 2 years and im still learning  lol

  • theCAMPVS

    cd = change directory. It’s how you navigate around folders from the command line (terminal). ls = list, which will show the contents of the current directory. Let’s say you’ve downloaded the shell script and you’re not sure how to get to your Downloads folder. Open the terminal and it starts you in your home folder. Type ls and it lists all of the folders and files there. When you see Downloads among the options, you can get to it by typing cd Downloads.

    Also, sudo chmod +x means you’re logging in with SuperUser privileges to DO (sudo) the following action: CHange the MODe (chmod) of the file so that it can be eXecutable (+x).

  • jjpdijkstra

    How about the dropbox not getting the right priviliges? Can I fix it somehow?