4 Popular opensource Project Management applications

Opensource Project Management Apps are the key to success in many an organization and in personal life for task management too. Open source provides the rightopensource--t platform for development of project management apps that are highly adaptable, flexible and ensure the project renders all deliverables. Introduced here are some of the popular open sources Apps for Project Management.


The most delightful fact of opensource apps is that you could work directly on the codes and customize projects perfectly for your business environment. dotProject is one such project management app that ensures you achieve maximum success on every project as enriched features of flexibility, adaptability can be retained even as you tweak the freely available source code to your ecosystem. That the technology is sophisticated and cutting edge is indisputable because of the immense volunteers group, which is skilled and extremely talented.

What you get with dotProject is the satisfaction of tailoring your project management solutions on your time, on your strengths but with well developed and structured technology that ensures you achieve the end deliverables of every project.


Achievo is what every true open source project management software needs to be. It is web-based, has critical essentials such as powerful tracking tools meant for small to medium companies, and is available in 20 languages.

What make Achievo a top-rated popular open source project are power features that helps businesses to track the drivers of a project – resources, clients, planning, daily scheduling. Robust features such as time registration and report generation, integrated customer relationship management, human resource management and most importantly scheduling ensure complete project control.

The reason for using such an app would be its complete adaptable features due to the central database interfacing on multiple modules ensuring optimized combination of all intranet applications. This helps applications retain their network environment. As the solutions are server-end, the system can be independently integrated into existing infrastructure.


If you are looking for project management solutions that have high platform migration features then this project is what you need to explore. It comes with powerful features and runs easily on Windows, MacOSX to Linux. It is superb as a project scheduler and essentially helps in overcoming critical situations of project management.

Some of the discerning features include Gantt chart, PERT chart, Interoperating facilities for importing into Microsoft Project as well as spreadsheets along with CSV. WebDAV is another platform for collaborative project development.


Is Python-based high-function multi-purpose program that is flexible, automated, simulating tool. For those of you familiar and keen on Python features will find working on the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of Project Management a very useful tool to explore. Ideal for quick, effective code tweaking to customize project management, Faces ensures you save on time, costs and the required resources to manage the project.

Opensource is the best alternative for mission-critical management of projects for small to big enterprises. Opensource gives project managers flexibility, latest technology and cost-effective resource management for successful completion of Projects.


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    Thanks for this post. Personnaly, i use Web2project : http://web2project.net/

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  • http://www.ofuz.com/opensource/ philfree

    Web Based, simple to use, collaborative and open source.

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    Hi there I have one website to you to have a look at. It is called Workforcetrack.com , it has web-based Project management, CRM, Accounting and Finance, HRMS and many other business tools, so NJoy!!!

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    If your keywords are: simple, colloboration, gantt, calendar, timesheets, newsgroups, flexible, reliable, document sharing…

    check out [b]ProjeLead[/b] project management software, it is all that and more!



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  • http://www.pm-software-online.com/ Open Source Project Management

    Open Source Project Management Software comes with all rights to download, use, reuse, distribute, charge for services, modify, re-submit code. Basically, by using an open source software you become part of the community.
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    Project Planning Software includes scoping, planning various aspects of project management, Recording , Monitoring, Closure. All activities (scope, time, cost, quality, risk, communication, procurement, integration & closure) which need to be completed within the start and end of the project are included in this software. It is an exhaustive exercise of creating a project plan from start till closure.
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  • Jen

    qdPM is a free web based open source solution that is way better than tired old dotProject! 

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    You should add comindware too. The best opensource PM application I have ever used.

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    I’m using qdPM (free project management software) http://qdpm.net more then 1 year. Before I used dotProject and I can say qdPM have better custom reports system and it really help me save time.

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    Projec’Or RIA (hhtp://projectorria.toolware.fr) should be considered…

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