Opensuse behind proxy fix for Opensuse 42.1 or SLES

I was just fighting last day to make this configuration working.  how to fix that  in organizations like companies or schools to make zypper  commands  working fine . This small article should be very useful to use for people that are behind proxy

let show you how to fix Opensuse package manager behind proxy


I: From  GUI

Open Search and  find yast control manager  >  proxy

root  password  is  need   to make any change of this configuration

yast-proxychange  the  config of proxy  settings .


Please   Enable  the proxy .

Put the hostname or IP followed by :port number.

Use the same proxy for all protocols .

Non user proxy to  connect to same proxy and to local machine

If  the proxy  needs an identification put  put Domain\user   password . else   leave it empty

Before to accept  and go OK . please check the proxy settings from  (Test Proxy Settings)


Check if you are  able some packages

Open YaST2 Software manager . find an package in my example is Kate   text  manager  in KDE


Install   needs some extra  dependencies



II- Configure the proxy From  the  command  prompt   is  too   Easy

Please  make  your  proxy config file  /etc/sysconfig/proxy  like this  :


Now  refresh and install  ( no restart  is needed)


You are  done ,

Please  note this  solution is fully tested  in an closed network  with  proxy who  needs   identifications with Windows Domain ldap password.

Please  enjoy and let  us know if any help still needed.