Zpanel- A good opensource alternative to Cpanel

For every paid software, always you can find an opensource alternative, sometimes the alternative is better and complete like (Gimp vs Photoshop) sometimes not. Today we will see a good alternative to Cpanel, the well known paid hosting / server panel, it is zpanel.

ZPanel is a free to download and use Web hosting control panel written to work effortlessly with Microsoft Windows and POSIX (Linux, UNIX and MacOSX) based servers or computers. This solution can turn a home or professional server into a fully fledged, easy to use and manage web hosting server.

Zpanel is easy to install and to configure. In this tutorial i installed Zpanel in CentOS 6.3.

1- Before to start we need to install some requered dependencies:

yum install ld-linux.so.2 curl

2- Download the  installation script from the  Zpnel   website (Last stable  release

wget http://www.zvps.co.uk/sites/default/files/downloads/centos-6-3/package/installer-x86_64-install.sh.x.tar.gz

3- Now  extract the script  and  run

tar -zxvf


4- Make the script  executable

chmod +x  i


5- Run the script:














  • Accept  the  Licence
  • Set up  the  time zone
To contine please agree to the GPL license (y/n/q)? y
Find your timezone from : http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php e.g Europe/London
Enter Your Time Zone: Europe/Amsterdam
  • Insert the  Install  version and  the  Domainname , Ip address and    the  password you want  to make  for  your  root  Mysql access and GO!!!
Install fresh ZPanel server or enter an upgrade version number e.g 10-0-1 :install
Enter the FQDN of the server (example: zpanel.yourdomain.com): zpanel.unixmen.com
Enter the Public (external) IP of the server:
MySQL Password is currently blank, please change it now.

Password you will use for MySQL: ******
Re-enter the password you will use for MySQL: ******

ZPanel will now install, are you sure (y/n/q)?

6- Installation Complted  and  Zadmin password  had  been generated.





















The  Server   will  restart automatically.

Please  connect to http://IP and  login with  zadmin user and  the  password  generated

Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3




























and is done.

If you have any questions please post them in :http://ask.unixmen.com thanks.