Zorin OS 6.4 Core and Ultimate Has Been Released

Hello Everyone! There are many Linux distros developed and new ones coming every month, so before telling you guys about the Zorin OS 6.4 Core and the Zorin OS 6.4 Ultimate, i think it is my responsibility to give you some basic information about the Zorin OS. This is a very good way to create a very warm and friendly environment for newcomers to Linux. How do we expect from them to download and try Zorin OS 6.4 Core, if they don’t know what Zorin OS is?

About Zorin OS

Are you a windows user that is scared from Linux? If you never used Linux then Zorin OS is the perfect place to start, Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu (Ubuntu is very popular, one of the most popular desktop Linux Operating system on planet Earth) and it is specifically designed for Windows users. The Zorin OS operating system offers you a very smooth access to Linux, without the need of struggling like many Linux users do. There are many unique programs in this Linux distribution, unique programs that make this distro different from others and unique. Some of these programs are Splash Screen Manager, Internet Browser Manager and Background Plus. Are you a person that likes to experience with the look of your computer? Then don’t worry, the Look Changer program that is  created exclusively for Zorin OS allows you to change the way your computer looks at the touch of a button.

Say Goodbye To Viruses

No more viruses, no more antiviruses. Are you tired of scanning your computer for hours to find the malware which is stealing your data? Zorin OS is super secure and new software updates every time potential security threat arises make it even more secure. I guarantee that Zorin OS will end your bad experience with Windows and will bring a new life to you, no malware nightmares while you sleeping, this is for sure!

A very good reason why many Windows user don’t switch to Linux is that they do most of the work with windows apps. The good news is that Zorin OS is able to run Windows programs with the help of Wine and PlayOnLinux. Windows is well known as the favourite platform for the gamer guy, this because most of the games are developed for Windows, but PlayOnLinux comes in handy to help you running your windows games on Linux.

Are you a loyal Windows guy? Are you a loyal Mac guy?  Don’t worry, with the help of the Zorin Look Changer you can make your desktop look like ike either Windows 7, XP, Vista, Ubuntu Unity, Mac OS X . Are you happy now?

Ok guys, now you know alot about Zorin OS, probably more than you should know at this time, so it is time for some updates. Today, August 28, The Zorin OS Team announced the release of Zorin OS 6.4 Core and Ultimate. This is the latest release of Zorin OS and it comes with a new kernel, newly updated software  and many bug fixes. The fact that Zorin OS 6.4 is based on Ubuntu 12.04 means that this release of Zorin OS is long term supported and it will have software updates until April 2017. Wha are you waiting now?  Go and get a copy of Zorin OS and try it! You can download Zorin OS 6.4 Core here and get Zorin OS 6.4 Ultimate here.

One last thing guys, if you already use one of the Zorin OS version 6 series, you can update your system using the Update Manager. I hope that Zorin OS makes your life better, because at the end of the day that’s what is all about, using tech for a better life.