Zenwalk Linux 7.0 is released! Screenshots Tour

Zenwalk 7.0 is released, This release brings several major changes at user level and system level. At user level, the Xfce desktop environment has been updated to major version 4.8.1, coming with a new VFS, Xfce 4.8 allows CIFS and SFTP shares browsing through the file manager, making it mostly feature equivalent to GNOME while still a lot faster. The new panel has good support for transparency, and is packaged with many plugins out of the box.

In this release most packages have been updated to the latest stable version, LibreOffice 3.3.1, XFCE 4.8.1, Icecat 3.6.15, Icedove 3.0.4, Kernel with BFS , scheduler and performance tweaks.

Read the release announcement for more information about this release.


  • About Zenwalk Linux

Zenwalk is a Linux distribution founded by Jean-Philippe Guillemin. It was originally based on Slackware. Since its creation, the distribution has become very different from Slackware in most regards while still maintaining compatibility with its binary packages. Zenwalk aims to be a modern and multi-purpose Linux distribution by focusing on Internet applications, multimedia and programming tools. Additionally, Zenwalk comes with many specialized tools, designed for beginner through advanced users as it offers system configuration via both graphical and command-line operations.



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