Yum ‘groupinstall’ – A Quick Introduction

Yum “groupinstall’ is a powerful command that saves your precious time by installing group of packages easily without having to install packages one by one. For example, if you want to install ‘development libraries’ on RHEL/CentOS based systems, you will achieve this task as shown below:

# yum install gcc
# yum install glibc
# yum install make

This seems very time confusing process. Wouldn’t be nice if you did all the above tasks with one command? Here comes ‘yum groupinstall’ command. It will install a group of packages with a single command for a specific task.

How do i find available grouplist?

Enter the following command to find out the list of available groups in your system.

# yum grouplist

The above command will list all the yum groups.


As you see in the above output, there are many yum groups available.

Yum supports the group commands:

# yum grouplist
# yum groupinfo
# yum groupinstall
# yum groupremove
# yum groupupdate

Install Development libraries

if you want to install all development libraries with single command, then do:

# yum groupinstall "Development Tools"

The above command will download and install all required development libraries to your system.

Install E-mail Server

Suppose if you want to install email server in your system, the do it with single command:

# yum groupinstall "E-mail server"

The above command will install all the required packages to setup mail server in your system.

Thats it. Enjoy!