You’ll Be Miserable Running Your Business Without These Android Apps

Android appCC Image courtesy of ryanne { trimmed reality } on Flickr

Venturing into business is not for the faint of heart as it takes a lot of chutzpah just to start one up. Running and maintaining it is another bomb to diffuse. This is the reason why there are certain pre-business preparations like a feasibility study to increase the chances of  a successful launch.

It is indeed true that running a business can be more demanding than a needy tot. Just like mothers, you are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, before you decide to take an entrepreneurial leap, ask yourself if you are wholly ready for the demands that come with it.

Running a business need not to be complex by arming yourself with these cool apps. Don’t underestimate the function of these apps for they may just be the power-ups you need to be the ultimate biz hero.


Now, who wouldn’t want an assistant at your beck and call? This app is a customizable, voice control human-computer interaction that functions pretty much like the iPhone’s Siri but only better. The Speaktoit Assistant can do a number of tasks that Siri can’t.

It can send text, email and make calls for you. When you ask something and your assistant doesn’t know the answer, it searches the answer for you in websites and encyclopedias, it can organize your calendar, set alarms, read news and many others! Fascinated yet?!

If that’s not enough, you can teach your Speaktoit Assistant new commands and remembers your preferences, even your favourite restaurant. This app is probably better than an actual human assistant as you don’t have to pay for it and it doesn’t talk behind your back so you can be sure that your business ideas are safe.


Exchanging calling cards is standard when you are a business owner for both business to consumer and business to business transactions. Bump is an interactive way of exchanging and storing contact information. You and the person you wish to swap numbers with just need to literally bump both of your devices and voila! Contact information is automatically stored in your address book and safely tucked in cloud storage too.

Devices need not to be the same for bump to work. If you are an Android user, your device can still communicate with iOS and vice versa without a hitch. Impress a potential customer by going paperless; you’ll surely get brownie points for being eco-friendly as more and more people are becoming environmentally-conscious these days. Save yourself the hassle and cost of printing calling cards by downloading this app today.


Ever had those moments when an incredible idea comes to mind but you cannot find a piece of paper to write it down and then you lose your chain of thought? Evernote is for those aha! moments when you need to jot something down quickly. Yes, ideas can be like dreams too so capture those crafty ideas before it slips away.

Evernote can also work like a digital cabinet for your work files and anyone in your team can access it. It eliminates paper documents and saves office space. Gone are the days of sorting through a mountain of documents to find what you need, Evernote does the work for you so you have more time to do the essentials.

You can also record audio with this app so never miss a moment during those business meetings. You can keep conversations, client profiles and whatnot. It is also a breeze to make lists in Evernote as running a business entails doing a series of day to day tasks.

The things that Evernote can do are endless. A lot of entrepreneurs swear by it in keeping information handy and accessible.

Candy Crush

So you might be wondering, “why Candy Crush?”. I’ll give you a resounding “why not?” on that!

Considering how stressful and frustrating running a business can be, there’s no better way to get a breather and keep your mind off of things even if just for a minute.

The only problem you’ll probably have with Candy Crush is your friends (and I know that there are TONS of them) sending you constant invites which can get really annoying. The good part is, that can be easily remedied.

You’ll get easily addicted with this game helping you refresh your mind and relieving you of those unwanted stress.

BillMinder – Bill Reminder and Organizer

Even regular people have recurring bills and expenses, how much more entrepreneurs? BillMinder manages all your bills so you would never have to pay another late fee again! It is easy to get lost in a sea of bills and expenses when running a business so let BillMinder take this task out of your hands.

You can set alarms for when bills are due and just like a trusty accountant and a financial adviser, it offers saving suggestions. Well, most businesses are cash-strapped these days and entrepreneurs could use some help in getting more bang from their buck.

Square Register

Who would have thought that your android device has the ability to accept credit card payments? With the power of Square Register, it is possible. This is great news for entrepreneurs as it introduces a new payment method to conveniently provide more options for consumers.

After downloading the app, you need to sign-up in order to get the credit card reader dongle in the mail and this is for free. The free dongle allows you to swipe credit cards by attaching it into the headphone jack of your device. Payment gets credited to your bank account within 1-2 business days.

For using this innovative service, Square Register takes an all-in 2.75% cut from purchases. This app works best for deliveries and off-site transactions.

You’ll get easily addicted with this game helping you refresh your mind and relieving you of those unwanted stress.

We all know how demanding running a business can be so why not transform your android device into your sidekick hero to tackle the heavyweight responsibility of being an entrepreneur? Get more out of your business by getting all the help you need from these life-saving apps.