You’ll Have A LIFELESS Android Device Without These Music Apps

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It’s almost impossible for an Android device to have no music playing capability. The Android operating system and Google’s web services have music and audio playback as one of the core features. However, are the music feature, or applications pre-loaded on your Android device enough? Don’t you wish for more functions or features from your music player?

You can find many great Android music apps in the Google Play store. If you don’t have the time to meticulously evaluate each of the options available at the app store, consider the following applications below:

1. Shazam

Shazam is a music recognition app designed to quickly identify songs or music. If you encounter difficulties remembering the titles of certain songs or if you want to know the title of an unfamiliar tune, this app can come in handy. Even better, you can quickly listen to the full music you were searching through Radio or Spotify.

Shazam also comes with the LyricPlay feature that allows you to sing along with streamed lyrics. If you want to buy the song you’ve just discovered, the app can facilitate a quick purchase on Amazon MP3 or Google Play. Additionally, Shazam allows you to watch videos on YouTube.

2. SoundHound

Another song or music recognition app worth trying is SoundHound. It is a feature-rich music Android app that is particularly great with music discovery. It may not be as popular as Shazam but it comes with convenient features many will surely like. For one, it delivers very fast music recognition results. It can also attempt to recognize songs or music by mere humming. Another great feature is SoundHound Headlines, which presents free ong streams and features new artists.

3. Pandora

If you like listening to music online in radio style, Pandora is a great music application you should consider downloading. It is mainly an Internet radio app that provides users the ability to create customized stations according to their preferred artists or music genre. Pandora is also one of the best apps for music discovery.

Bear in mind, though, that once you register with the app, your profile is set to be public by default. You need to make it private if you want to share your activities with it.

4. Rhapsody

Developed by the famous Rhapsody International Inc., Rhapsody is a music and audio app that can grant you quick access to more than 18 million songs  to play and download. It offers unlimited high quality music streaming. It also comes with an audio equalizer and features exclusive editorially curated content. Moreover, it comes with the Track Match feature that matches your music selections to the music playing around you.

5. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music apps for Android. It is free for mobile and tablet use. This app is a great way to enjoy music wherever you may be. It allows users to create custom playlists and facilitates music discovery with pre-created playlists and personalized recommendations.

You need to upgrade to the premium version of the app, however, if you want enhanced audio quality, ad-free listening, and the ability to download songs for offline listening.

6. Music Volume EQ

If you already have a music playing or radio app you like installed on your Android device, you may want to consider enhancing the sounds it produces. With Music Volume EQ, you can increase the volume and adjust the way songs sound through a five-band equalizer with bass boost and virtualizer effects. It comes with 9 equalizer presets and provides the option to save custom presets.

Music Volume EQ is proven to work with the basic Android music player, Google Music, Poweramp, Winamp, and a number of other music apps.

7. SoundCloud

Of course, a listing of great Android music apps isn’t complete without SoundCloud. This excellent music app is great for music playing and discovery. The SoundCloud music community is not just a place for mainstream musicians and music enthusiasts. You can find many great artists through this app. With SoundCloud, you can also record your own music and quickly share it to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

If you are still looking for great music and audio apps for your Android tablet or smartphone, don’t hesitate to try any of the apps featured above. They are some of the best you can find. They have millions of users worldwide so you can expect them to be regularly maintained and updated. Bugs or security flaws, if you worry about them, shouldn’t be that much of a threat.