World of Goo- A game that you should know about

Well if you have a yen for puzzles and Physics is of particular interest to you, then World of Goo is something that you should never miss exploring. The other is a true-blood MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) called Vendetta online.

World of Goo is a seminal puzzle-game developed 2D Boy by independent game developers Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel. Widely nominated-Seumas McNally grand prize, Design Innovation as well as the Technical Excellence Award at the Independent Games Festival, this game is available on all platforms including the WiiWare.

First released in 2008, the game is highly popular amongst single player and is rated by ESRV as E and PEGI a 3+ level. It is available as a download as well as CD-ROM.

The game gets its name from the balls of goo used to create large structures. The game is made up of 5 unique chapters each with their own themes, graphics, music etc akin to Tim Burton’s film art designs. The individuality of each game with several levels is what makes the game so different. It is almost like playing 5 different games. A reward is the World of Goo Corporation, where the goo balls the players collect through the levels of the game are used to build the highest tower. Global players can participate and there is great excitement as all the goo balls won by these play through are augmenting the height of the tower uploads on the 2D server.

The World of Goo aim revolves around getting a desired number of goo balls into a pipe that acts as the exit. You have the entire load of physics coming to the fore in attempting to get the balls into the exit pipe. Gravity is the force to reckon with here as there are various terrains such as chasms, hills, cliffs and spikes to launch the balls. Every game has different types of goo balls and has unique properties. The player should now achieve the proficiency to use multiple properties of all the goo balls to complete each of the levels.

Every time the player requires more goos they can be pumped from World of Goo Corporation. This allows close to four people to play on the same Wii and is available for Linux in unsupported mode.

The game was developed by just two of the developers and cost $10,000 over a period of 2 years. What would be greater interest here is the open source technologies used here-Physics Simulation, TinyXML, Open Dynamics Engine, Simple DireMedia and for configuration-PopCap Games Framework and later ported to WiiWare.

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