Will it be Desura’s Linux client Vs USC?| Gaming

The wait until now was for a Linux client to run games Desura streams. However, now that it is here, users face a new dilemma – Download from Desura or desuraUbuntu Software Centre?

First a look at Desura’s Linux Client

Desura’s success has been its easy application based game streaming ability. Providing the platform for game developers along with its non-DRM philosophy and its website-based (using embedded Framework) deployment add to the flexibility of using this dedicated game streaming app. Besides cross-platform, installation through the simple online interface that even partitions the system hard disk exclusively for games has been Desura’s defining features for users.

For developers it has been the dream platform. Desura cool tools and functionality are exactly what developers need to build on new gaming ideas or modify games that they fancy. Additionally, the almost ‘live’ support from the community also adds to the success of Desura from the developer’s perspective.

Desura’s strengths

Desura’s platform that includes DesuraNET, ModDB and the IndieDB provides independent game developers access to various game distribution avenues. User community and developer interaction is optimized here that eventually results in better games being developed. With Desura’s developers proposing to include great Linux games like Doom 3 soon, Linux gamers will most likely have a great catalogue of games.

Today, the newly released Desura’s Linux client has caused a furor of sorts for gamers as they now have two options to choose from.

Which to choose: Desura or USC

The hottest news in GameWorld now, is not a new game, but the perplexing issue of using Desura or USC (Ubuntu Software Centre) to download games. Up until last week, when Desura moved the Linux client out of beta and launched a full release, users were waiting up for the 65 games that it would bring to Linux-using gamers.

A week later, gamers are in some flux. While Ubuntu fans prefer users’, choose/buy games from the now well-curated USC, those that prefer the wider cross-platform experience prefer Desura.

This has a lot to do with most of the games that Desura streams already being available on USC.

PRO Desura Users

Users who would rather use Desura argue that using it, will give them the freedom of using any Linux version they prefer to play or manage games, without the bother of reinstalling each time they switch versions.

Whereas with USC, the entire experience will remain focused on Ubuntu and users will have to reinstall older purchases.

Third and perhaps, why Desura appeals to non-Ubuntu users would be the soon-to-come social media-type features like chatting and perhaps voice calls.


Perhaps users looking for greater flexibility or portability would prefer to use Desura as they will be able to continue on their favorite game whatever their current OS choice is.USC Linux game downloads will be for Ubuntu die-hard fans, which prefer and are comfortable playing games specifically in their favorite flavor of Linux.

Unlock the client for Linux games from Desura here.