Wildfire Games Launches 0 A.D. Alpha version 5

Players of the cross-platform, open source, real-time strategy game, ‘0 A.D.‘ can look forward to a whole range of new features, as the game’s publisher, Wildfire Games, has announced the fifth alpha version  of the game.


The game is set between the years 500BC and 500AD and gives players the opportunity to create and defend civilisations against the attacks of others. 0 A.D. includes both single and multi-player modes.

Two months in development, the new version, codenamed Edetania has a range of new features including a new faction (Iberians), changes to formations as well as new formations, a new map (Acropolis II), and improvements to music, sound and light within the game.

The full list of changes (from Wildfire) is as follows:


New civilization: Iberians
Much improved enemy AI named JuBot
Random map scripting
Unit promotions
Improved formations
New map: Acropolis II, in which the Iberians face off the Hellenes


New shader-based renderer mode, to support new effects and improve performance
Improved lighting for warmer and more vivid colors
Particles – fire, smoke, construction dust, sparkles near mines, falling leaves
Terrain decals – smoother building foundations on bumpy terrain
Hidden units are visible as silhouettes
Various performance improvements


Idle unit button
Unit control groups
Unit selection limit raised from 40 to 64
Map setting editing in Atlas


Eye candy – Rope bridges, River bridges
New loading screen images and tips


New sound effects: Unit selection, building destruction
New music tracks: The first ones of what will be an entire soundtrack remake

As well as Linux, 0.A.D. is also available for Windows and Mac OSX, and is licensed by the GNU General Public and Creative Commons Licence schemes.

For download and installation via repository in Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Opensuse please check our previous post.  For other Linux distribution please check this link

Useful Links: http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/