Which Linux Apps are your kids using?

Its summer time again and engaging children with fun apps that give experiences as well as contribute to their instinctive learning curve. Here are top 4 Linux based Apps your young ones should explore and have a riot.

Platinum Arts Sandbox

A High interactive 3D Game Design tool, if you have already introduced your kids to some basics of gaming/tooling. Here is the opportunity for them to optimize their imagination as the Platinum Arts Sandbox running on a Cube 2 engine has the power and speed to allow your child to create, edit own scenarios even as he perhaps plays simultaneously with others. Available as a Graphical interface, the Repositories GetDeb or available on karmic- 32 bit, 64-bit and lucid 32-bit, 64-bit.

Learning Made Easy on Gcompris

Here is tool, which is much loved by schools and early adapting tutors have been very successful with GCompris. Ideal for kids from ages two to ten years, this app offersgcompris that something more to the games that makes great takeaways in terms of mathematical concepts, day to day science concepts such as canal lock, submarine, placing countries on maps in geography etc. Content are available under various categories such as Computer discovery, reading practice, time reading, jig-saw puzzles out of famous paintings, chess and the list goes on and on.Available for free trail get your kids to learn and discover at home with Gcompris. It is available in Debian-lenny, squeeze, sid as well as Ubuntu – dapper, hardy, karmic and lucid. Get the Compris and have wonderful summer of learning and discovering.

Have your kids tried Childsplay

Well for those who are familiar with Childsplay, then get an update and for the first timers, installing is very easy. Childsplay is sure memory mapping games that help build and boost the memory road maps through fun games and activities that build on multiple input such as images, letters, sounds as well as numbers. Let your young ones pick up the basics of mouse and keyboard movements while they indulge in sessions of puzzles, pong, billiards etc. Supported on the Python, Childsply becomes a optimized interactive game available on Debian –lenny, squeeze, sid , Ubuntu on dapper, hardy, karmic-partner, lucid-backports


Here is something interesting for your pre-schoolers. KTuberling is essentially a drawing tool that your child can learn the basic of fundamental shapes, colors, knowing your neighbourhood, the essential road maps to your schools, zoos, fire stations, service stations etc. If it’s the twinkling stars and fast spaceships then create your own planet and milky way! KTuberling is the cornerstone to many a delightful afternoon learning, exploring and essentially equipping your child with core concepts and memories for a life time. This is one of the most popular in the KDE Games category and is available in Debian-lenny, squeeze, sid; Ubuntu– dapper, hardy-backports, karmic –backports, lucid and installs quickly.


The above are some of the popular Linux Apps your children should add to their repertoire of computing skills. Explore these if you want them to discover nature’s concepts on their own and build on their skill reinforce what they learn at school. Quite often, we have the technology and the devices but lack the orientation and the determination to introduce to our kids green alternatives that will not stimulate their mind but their computational skills in newer environments. Say good-bye to the repetitive, boring PS, let them into a complete new world powered by their own imagination!