Which is the Best Linux Distros for Students?

linux distros

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Did someone tell you about Linux and all the advantages of the open-source OS? One of the characteristics of Linux is its numerous distributions. For a student joining the Linux family for the first time, you want to know which of the Linux distros is the best.

While there are no absolute answers to this question, we have provided a review of the best Linux distros for students. You would find these distros easy to use, pre-installed with useful software, hardware compatibility, and easy installation. Check out their features to determine which works best for you.

The Best Linux Distros for Students

With the hundreds of Linux Distros available, it might take you years to figure out what you want from the OS. As a student, you don’t have that time. So, we have reduced your stress and saved you time by providing a list of the best Linux distros for students everywhere.

  1. Linux Mint

Many reviews choose Linux Mint as the best distro for students, and we agree. For students witching from Windows, its similar interface poses fewer problems. You also get to choose from a variety of desktop environments. The hardware requirements are not high, and it works well with older hardware.

Linux Mint is Ubuntu-based, so that you can expect all the software features of Ubuntu. You can install any software you want from the available options. So, if you want something familiar with Linux uniqueness, Linux Mint is the way to go. The popular choice among beginners is the Linux Mint Cinnamon.

  1. Ubuntu


There is no way you look into Linux distros that you won’t encounter Ubuntu. It is the most popular Linux distros such that its name is almost synonymous with Linux. Why is it so popular, though? Ubuntu has the ease of use, pre-installed software, and simple user interface that any student needs.

It has made the Linux experience simpler with unbeatable hardware compatibility and easy installation. You also get loads of support whenever you reach a hard place from the Ubuntu community and forums. However, this distro does not have the familiarity of Windows that others do.

  1. Pop!_OS

Pop OS works best with newer hardware. It has some super exciting features that would make your life easier. It operates at the speed of lightning with zero to minor bug issues. Basic software for school is already on the OS, but you can also add your preferences as you wish.

Features like window stacking and automatic window tiling will make using your device much more interesting in school. Pop OS only supports GNOME, though. However, you can experiment manually with other desktop environments if you want.

  1. Zorin OS

Zorin OS is another distro with a Windows-like user experience. It is Ubuntu-based and has a gorgeous look. If you can spare the money, the ultimate edition has loads of pre-installed software you would love. You will also get an office suite and other additional features.

The free edition also works well, though. You can also get a “Lite” edition if you want to revive old hardware. Installation and usage is a breeze with this OS. It has a polished feel that you would enjoy.

  1. Peppermint OS

Do you like using web applications in the form of local apps? Then, Peppermint OS is the Linux distro for you. Its out-of-box Ice integration enables this function. The distribution is also lightweight and would work on your older hardware.

Peppermint OS is Ubuntu-based. So, you are getting all the goodies of Ubuntu with some extra spice that’s unique to Peppermint. The best part is that you won’t have to spend dog-years understanding it. It is simple and easy to use.


A move to Linux as a student can improve your effectiveness as a student. With the Linux distros above, you also won’t have to muddle around for long to understand the OS. All the distros above are easy to use and install.