What does Disney, PS3 and Kindle have in common?

Yes, there is one binding power behind these three entirely different media and is known simply as Linux. Linux is omnipotent today, present on anything and everything that is remotely a technology. Unfortunately, the common user is unable to recognise that it is not the paid for proprietary software behind any technology that he is using but the world‘s greatest experiment in Free open source software solutions Linux that is the technology.

Linux is the most reliable and secure software for running servers to Smartphones to even your Playstations. Yes, Playstation3 is Linux-based and so are all those lovely Walt Disney and Dreamworks movies that you and your kids love to watch. These two studios use Linux like you and I would use the alphabets. The present scenario is that every device small or big needs a bit of Linux to help it run; such is the domination of this innocuous, non-proprietary software. Here is a bit of latest news on each of these Linux based dream works from Disney to amazing Amazon Kindle.

PS3 and Linux

On the older versions of PS3s owners in addition to playing games, watching movies, viewing photos, listening to music could turn around the PS3 into a full-fledged Linux operating system. Linux is presently not offered on PS3 for firmware security reasons, but the pervasiveness of Linux cannot be denied. TiVo is another TV entertainment platform where cable & web content viewing is easy as it is powered by Linux.

Disney & DreamWorks on Linux

To say that Hollywood dream studios are Linux playgrounds today, is most definitely not an understatement. Linux has won hands down on server technology as well as pure artwork. Believe it or not, entire renderfarms and artist desktops in these studios are Linux ecosystems.

Linux offers end-to-end graphic solutions, in most challenging and competitive of environments in these studios and has finally emerged a winner. It gives an opportunity for technologists, system engineers to delve into creative art using the most scalable, reliable and most importantly free software solution called Linux.

Amazon’s Kindle

Another device that displays characteristic Linux power is the Amazon’s Kindle eReader. A new age device, the Kindle attempts to bring technology to the age old ritual of reading well written books and stories. But as usual any device quickly finds multiple uses given Linux high scalability, adaptability and compatible features. The Kindle is today, a powerful tool for jet set execs on the move with their loaded, password protected PDFs. Given some of the other powerful features, Kindle is a harbinger of things to come in the near future, thanks to the strengths of Linux.

Linux everywhere

1Technology drives the world today and Linux is driving technology from Entertainment hardware, server technologies, Browser technologies, Applications, packages for every genre-education, business, sports, bioinformatics to hardcore computing solutions such as cloud computing, data storage Linux has a piece of itself in every technology today.

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