Watch worldwide cyber-attacks live with HoneyMap!

Have you ever wondered how many cyber-attacks happen every second worldwide? Apparently they are a lot more than you would probably imagine and you can now watch them live as they happen thanks to the Honeynet Project!

The Honeynet Project is a leading international 501c3 non-profit security research organization, dedicated to investigating the latest attacks and developing open source security tools to improve Internet security.

So this is not about some kind of vulgar display of power, as it is intended to help the research of the nature of the attacks by collecting data about attackers and malicious software they use. To do that you will need volunteers to use Honeynet tools for the feedback and when you have many volunteers doing what they do you get this:

What you see here is a live world map where attacks from users that choose to be shown in Honeynet Project are shown. Imagine how many attacks happen in reality if you count the users that don’t want to be shown in Honeymap!

All this fuzz has one and only purpose. To develop open source security tools that will increase users safety from aspiring crackers. Recent tools examples include Cuckoo, Capture-HPC, Glastopf, HoneyC, Honeyd, Honeywall. You can download these tools on the Tools website.

Apart from the natural “do whatever you want” and “attack whoever you want” kind of activities, Honeynet also organizes more targeted challenges like the latest “Hiding in Plain Sight” or “Attack Visualization” to get information about specific cases and scenarios.

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