Watch Al Jazeera Live in Linux with one command

If you are a fun of Aljazeera News channel, this is a nice command that allow you to watch Al Jazeera live in your Linux desktop. I tested the command and is working like a charm.




First check if you have rtmpdump installed, if not install it using the command :

sudo apt-get install rtmpdump

Now to start watching Aljazeera live, open terminal and enter the following command

To use Mplayer :


$ rtmpdump -v -r rtmp:// -y "aljazeera_en_veryhigh" -a
 "aljazeeraflashlive-live" -o -| mplayer -

To use VLC player :

$ rtmpdump -v -r rtmp:// -y "aljazeera_en_veryhigh" -a
"aljazeeraflashlive-live" -o -| vlc -


Enjoy 🙂

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