Warsow Reaches Version 1.5

Warsow 1.5 has been released with many significant updates and with a built-in HTTP server that serves UI AJAX queries.

This version of Warsow contains improved default movements that make it easier for the new players to get confident with the game. But, this does not mean that the old school movement has been removed. It is still present and while new comers learn to play the game very easy, experienced players can demonstrate their skills thanks to the improved movements.

A very good useful feature for everyone is the language support that the developers have done in this version of Warsow. Since it is a game which is played in many different countries, it is very important to support the players by including their native language in the game.

At the moment that I am writing this article, Warsow 1.5 supports many different languages such as Russian, Japanese, French, Polish, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Italian and Finnish.

But this big language support would not be possible without the community. They have done all the job in this localization support.

It is also very important to mention that Warsow 1.5 is fully compatible Ubuntu 14.04 and Debian Wheezy. It runs very smooth in linux and the developers have done a great job in simplifying map downloads with the help of a built-in HTTP server.

There are also many new features available in this release. According to the official changelog posted on Warsow’s forum the Jason Padpork player model has been upgraded, support for foliage surfaces and instanced rendering is added, FXAA support is added, soft particles’ effect to explosions and halo shaders is now available and the bloom is removed.

Read the full list of features below.

  • moved renderer from the engine core to separate DLL.
  • rewritten rendering backend, GLSL2+-compatible.
  • GLSL shaders are now loaded from disk allowing customization and easing development.
  • added support for foliage surfaces and instanced rendering.
  • added ‘soft particles’ effect to explosions and halo shaders.
  • added FXAA support.
  • added RGB shadowmaps (fallback rendering path when GL_ARB_shadow extension isn’t available).
  • added r_brightness cvar, useful for monitors that are too dark.
  • removed planar stencil shadows.
  • removed bloom.
  • removed r_ignorehwgamma cvar and associated functionality.
  • removed r_lighting_diffuse2heightmap cvar and associated functionality.


  • changed knockback from splash weapons from linear to quadratic and removed horizontal distance clamping.
  • changed riotgun pattern from spiral to a more traditional one, with wider horizontal spread.
  • added cg_gun_alpha console variable to control gun opacity.
  • picked up items now leave ghost trails in warmup mode.
  • allow vote changing. The maximum number of changes is controlled with server console variable g_vote_maxchanges (thanks hettoo).
  • added opcall “specstotv” which moves spectators to connected TV servers.
  • improved autojoin balancing (thanks hettoo).
  • optimized AI code.
  • default movement physics are now closer to old movement style
  • map rotation now considers the current map too (thanks hettoo).
  • maps were always missing one spawn indicator.
  • walljumps had direction bias (more obvious on larger maps).
  • removed silent bits from hit sounds (thanks adem).

Warsow is a very nice first person shooter game available in major platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac with a similar gameplay to Quake.

And last, but not least, this version of Warsow features 5 new tracks from Warsow OST. If you like FPS game, you will like this one. For more information on this release of Warsow go here.