Wakanda the New FOSS Egg has just hatched-a new platform for Apps is Born

Well it looks like the incubator is working full time at 4D, as a new platform for Apps has just been pressed out, in less than 2 years and is waiting for developers to test their skills on it.  With a preview of Wakanda for Developers since June 8, at http://wakanda.org/download, the community is welcoming it with open arms as application development horizons are defining device use, Smartphones or Tablets. Therefore, it is critasical that the right Web Apps Platform will define the success of the App, giving it greater capabilities than the previous App.

Wakanda is here

Wakanda is the Free Open Source Software platform for developing web applications running on JavaScript from 4D. 4D is itself an integrated development platform-graphics, programming language, SQL, HTTP server, integrated PHP execution and an App builder. 4D USP is it is multi-platform and development, deployment inter-operability across Mac, Windows is easy and seamless.

Coming with an integrated background Wakanda is different as it is built with JavaScript and has a fabulous integration with a NoSQL database.

Wakanda Architecture

As its name is derived from an Omaha tribe name from Native American Mythology, Wakan Tanka, or the ‘Great Spirit’, this FoSS architecture has some great features.

Three subsystems-the server, the interpreter and the datastore form the core of the platform .

Server-is a HTTP server that is no-obtrusive, great speed to access data and the best request handlers

Interpreter-WebKit Squirrelfish Extreme complier based on JavaScript

Datastore-probably, the best in the industry so far as it “billion objects in a matter of milliseconds” is apparently the goal for querying at the Wakanda datastore.

The other features include a client-side Framework, for all server connections, client-side user interface widgets, transaction management. The Wakanda Studio is a very well equipped visual development tools with drag and drop capability.

Being multi-platform, OS X included; the framework is compatible with most platforms. The Studio is a useful tool even if you are going to run it on your OS X as well as Windows.Communications between server as well as client-side framework is in json on a REST interface. It can also be used to interface the server with client-side development systems.

Wakanda success

JavaScript code development gives greater scope to develop web maps and mobile apps with native app capability. Constructs working under the hood (interaction with server and datastore) developers will find it easier to deploy these constructs. Besides, the single language gives it a ‘clean’ straightforward and easy to use platform.

Wakanda is the platform for web application development and deployment systems which is uniquely novel and high value features.

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