Upgrading Slackware 13.37 to 14.0

I have installed Slackware Linux version 13.37 and have updated it to the latest version. How did I this?

First, add to /etc/slackpkg/mirrors the 14.0 repository.

In performed this:


Now to sync and update the packages:

# slackpkg check-updates
# slackpkg upgrade-all
(K)eep the old files and consider .new files later (O)verwrite all old files with the new ones. The old files will be stored with the suffix .orig (R)emove all .new files (P)rompt K, O, R selection for every single file
What do you want (K/O/R/P)?

The safe option for your old configurations is:

(K)eep the old files and consider .new files later

Run this to complete the process for the new release:

# slackpkg install-new

Reboot and pray!