Unity 5.10.0 arrives for Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin)

Unity 5.10.0 is now under build for both 2D as well as 3D and is on course to be available when Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin arrives at the end of the month.

The latest version will carry several fixes and will arrive with some interesting and fun features like an ‘animation feature’ to show the status of your application being launched.

Unity, is a newer generation desktop ecosystem for open source platform Ubuntu and has quickly replaced the more established GNOME system. Unity has in more ways than one, redefined how Ubuntu is now developed.

Unity’s includes more of ‘touch capacitive’ features for the desktop to keep in line with the interface systems used by the latest generation of connected devices such as tablets and Smartphones. As Canonical traverses towards developing Ubuntu platform for all types of multiple technologies and device penetration – from TVs to use on the next generation smart devices, the concept of a’ touch-deployed interface’ in the form of Unity was preferred by Canonical.

However, users of Ubuntu have found it difficult to accept the changes and have quickly relied on alternative distros such as Linux Mint and now Cinnamon to retain the developer scenario of GNOME 3.x.

However, Unity continues to make rapid progress with each version release and  is now poised for its 5.10.0 release, it is expected to make the experience of using touch-based interface easier.

A new feature on Unity 5.10.0

The new install button on Ubuntu Software Centre Unity is integrated in a manner to show that the application is being ‘opened’ at the Ubuntu Software Centre, ‘flying’ to Unity launcher and reveals installation is complete by ‘wiggling.’

Here is a video of this interesting feature here. (Thanks to Webupd8)

Definitely interesting, especially for users who find it difficult to find new applications they’ve installed. The video also offers some Dash field changes. So the search fields now offer horizontal option, when Dash is moved to full screen mode. The list of changes as well as bug fixes is available at changelogs for both Unity 3D as well as Unity 2D.

Unity 2D changelog includes the following.

With changes galore on Unity; some of the major changes on earlier versions like Unity 5.8 included the option to turn-off sticky edge as well as being able to control the position of the launcher on the monitor.

Earlier Unity 5.10 include changes such as newer version of compiz, keybinding changes: for minimizing all windows, maximizing only the current window, to minimize a current window as well as a semi-maximize window. Additionally, support to find the sticky edge in both Unity 2D as well as Unity 3D was also included in Unity 5.10.

Now, that Unity 5.10.0 is soon to be available for Precise Pangolin (Ubuntu 12.04) release, users are looking forward to more hidden changes like the animated launcher installation and finder feature.Unity 5.10.0 offers a lot of scope for users old and new to discover more and perhaps adopt to the newer generation Unity for increased productivity.