Ubuntu to offer infotainment in your vehicle

News on Ubuntu is getting better by the day. The first half of May saw Canonical joining GENIVI Alliance, the reference platform for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) for opensource products. Canonical will also introduce a new GENIVI compliant Ubuntu IVI Remix.


What is Ubuntu IVI Remix?

The Ubuntu IVI Remix will be developed to provide In-Vehicle Infotainment manufacturers, the capability to develop client-specific products that are interactive, multimedia-based and easy to connect to network. The Ubuntu IVI Remix will become a specific version of Ubuntu Operating System that is built around core Ubuntu Technologies. This will further increase the capabilities for online and embedded product development, with richer features for the internet.

Why Ubuntu IVI Remix

The Ubuntu IVI Remix is developed around the Ubuntu Core that was made to support embedded devices that are internet driven. With a stable history, it increases the scope for developers to concentrate on product development rather than the OS. Since Ubuntu Core can support ARM as well as Intel it gives manufacturers greater hardware choice.

Along with greater flexibility in the use of client-defined hardware makers, it enables easy integration of In-vehicle technology for inexpensive products as well. This technology could then have explosive growth curve, much like the Android OS based, inexpensive Chinese Tablets. New technology at low costs will create mass consumption market and building of new platform for tech products.

Leading open source automotive brands to adopt IVI

This great news on open source Ubuntu capabilities meant for IVI was further spiced with Pelagicore, announcing their fast adaption to Ubuntu Core. Mikael Söderberg, the CTO at Pelagicore says, “The automotive industry needs to keep pace with changing customer demand for connectivity and multimedia experiences on the go. Pelagicore’s customers and industry OEMs have immediate requirements for Ubuntu Core.”

The group along with partners are mapping the growth of high value automotive, device as well as digital home space services and products and create new ecosystem for them. The aim is to integrate “in-vehicle infotainment middleware into Ubuntu Core”

The Ubuntu IVI Remix will become a key driver for platform availability and will increase the number of products and services such as online services where music and video are streamed specifically for vehicles, similar specific services.

The most exciting feature of this new Ubuntu development for interactive vehicle entertainment is the capabilities that are available for cars, in the future.

Ubuntu present capabilities along with a stable core, increases the open solutions that are built for real-time streaming during the dynamic changing of geographic location, while travelling.

The key is to look for seamless integration while in-vehicle and when outside of the ecosystem. This is an explosive platform as the dynamics of in-vehicle and its parameters can be developed to extend into newer products and applications.

If Ubuntu IVI Remix can offer a strong platform, the strides of in-vehicle entertainment products growth is undeniable.

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