Ubuntu Smartphones To Ship This Year By Two Hardware Companies

Hi linux geeks,

I know that many of you guys have been waiting a long time for this moment to come, the release of the Ubuntu smartphone is very close and many details have been published on different linux technical blogs. Cannonical has announced Ubuntu-powered phones will ship this year, with devices coming from two manufacturers: BQ in Spain and Meizu in China.

Unfortunately big well known manufacturers will not ship Ubuntu mobile devices this year, but the good thing is that both companies (BQ and Meizu ) are very good at breaking into new markets with mid-to-high-end phones and they have many proofs for that.

According to the Canonical founder they are targeting high-end because the Ubuntu smartphone projects ambition is to offer the personal computing power to the user, in other words to be the world’s personal computing engine.

BQ is a spanish dedicated company to the multimedia devices and 3D printers sale focused on european market while Meizu is a Chinese consumer electronics company based in Zhuhai. Meizu has markets in China, Hong Kong, Israel, and Russia.

Shuttleworth has declared to the press that Canonical is very happy to work with both companies and it seems that the Ubuntu smartphone will be a significant part of their story.