Ubuntu Phone, Amazing or Not?

Ubuntu Phone, is it going to be a super nice phone? I hope so. But a very interesting thing about this phone is that it can be a full PC when docked. Every edge of the screen is used on this phone and this makes navigating through your content extremely enjoyable. It makes your apps accessible very easy. You won’t need to navigate to your home screen every time you want to open or a close an app. This phone has elegance and it fits perfectly into the Ubuntu family, alongside the PC and TV.

Swipe me

Everything is at your fingertips, your apps, your content and your settings. Now you can move faster between apps and settings. How does it work? Ok, let me explain it to you.

Do you want to reveal your favorite apps? If so, then swipe from the left edge of the screen. This phone is amazing, it lets you reveal your app just with one swipe. Do you like to show all your open apps? Then do a full left-to-right swipe. A swipe from the right brings you to the last app you were using. So guys, if you are focused on this article, as you can see, I am telling you about Swipe.

All apps

Do you tweet a lot? What about sending emails and posting on Facebook? Ubuntu Phone has all web apps you need; Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Google Maps. Are you a web developer and you have a site? Thanks to Ubuntu’s web app API’s, now it is easy for you as a web developer to turn you site into a full functional application for Ubuntu Phone.

A very nice thing about Ubuntu Phone is that it can be managed with standard enterprise Ubuntu management tools. So if you manage servers and clouds, managing your Ubuntu Phone with the same tools will entertain you a lot. It will be a lot of fun guys. Imagine me using SSH to download my last photos I shot with my friends in some cool places. I am very exited about this Ubuntu Phone.


Ubuntu Phone makes you unique. Why? Because the Ubuntu Phone provides you personalized graphics and the Welcome Screen evolves as you use the phone. So, I think that Ubuntu Phone studies and tracks your personality through your activities and create unique graphics for you.

You want your phone to be unique, right? Yes, you do. Because each one of us is unique. God, this Ubuntu Phone is driving me crazy, I want it with any cost!

Easy and fast communication

Ubuntu Phone has new plans for your way of communicating with people. Do you use SMS? Do you send emails? Do you tweet? Do you update your social network status? Ubuntu Phone gives you quicker access to your text messages, calls and social media posts. Do a swipe to get the latest message and reply.


Ubuntu Phone lets you manage your data and navigate through files faster than any other phone, iOS, Android or Windows Phone. It creates a unique Welcome Screen for everyone and this is wonderful. What more can you ask for in a smartphone!