Ubuntu One- Cloud storage reaches 1 million

There is a silver lining to Ubuntu cloud service, Unbuntu One in the past one week. It has hit the 1 million milestone in terms of users and Canonical, the commercial end of Ubuntu, has announced new plans changes to further increase its reach where lesser than 5 GB is free, from the initial 2 GB free usage.

Ubuntu One the cloud

Digitizing our life is the norm today and storing them and accessing them at our conevience is a standard service today. However, moving storage to the cloud is happening over the past year and one such service is Ubuntu One. A powerful Ubuntu based cloud storage platform, it is fast defining the alternative to expensive, proprietary cloud storage service.

You can now accesses all your digital content, wherever you are, whenever with the suite of cloud-based services Ubuntu One offers. Storage, Sync, Sharing, Streaming are some of the services available on any device and include file formats as varied as music, photos, videos and documents.

Ubuntu One is available by default on Ubuntu and is now extended to Windows and Android OS as well.

Ubuntu’s long beta testing

Ubuntu One launched its ambitious cloud storage platform in May of 2004 and as it reaches the one million users, there is great excitement with new users plans being offered.

This follows Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth’s vision to build the greatest software platforms that are reliable, powerful but free of cost. The result of this was the creation of Ubuntu, an operating system that is spearheading the opensource platform across the world.

In the past couple of weeks there is increased thrust to establish Ubuntu for enterprises use with the Ubuntu Partner Program bringing in critical revenue to keep the essence of opensource software intact.

Ubuntu One was also derived from the same philosophy and has been a long march since its inception in 2004.

The two-year growth span of Ubuntu One

In Dec 2010, Ubuntu Windows client went into beta testing and now offers comprehensive support across a host of features.

Ubuntu One is available across the world and is essentially a personal cloud, which you access from any type of device and a host of Apps are now available. iPhone as well as Android Apps are available at the App Store and the Andorid Marketplace.

Listening to offlinemusic on Android is optimized with Music Streaming feature on the mobile.

Canonical now offers revised Mobile plan to the Music Streaming plan. Users will now get 20 GB of storage and unlimited music streaming for Android devices and iOS device for $3.99/month.

Ubuntu One Developer Program

Canonical has also announced the launch of the Ubuntu One Developer Program. The present developer community is spread across three continents and there is room for more. Ubuntu wiki is another source to become more involved with Ubuntu One project.

The first million Ubuntu One user is only the first step to achieving higher cloud migration. The days are not too far off, where every computing service is going to be cloud based.