Ubuntu Edge Project Needs $32 Million

Have you ever thought to carry a personal computer in your pocket? Canonical is working very hard to make it possible with Ubuntu Edge. Since they are very community oriented, Canonical has launched a IndieGOGO campaign today for crowd-funding of Ubuntu Edge, their first Ubuntu smartphone device.

The amount of money they want to raise is $32 million and they want to do it only in one month. Is this going to happen? $32 million is not a joke, but if Canonical achieves this goal it proves that there are many Ubuntu fans and supporters all over the world.

At the time of writing, the amount raised is $1,453,418. It is the first day and if it goes like this everyday, Canonical will achieve the goal. I have to tell you guys that it is not only a smartphone, but be patient.

What is Ubuntu Edge?

Ubuntu Edge is a beautiful smartphone which is a true mobile innovation. Is it only a smartphone? No, it is a smartphone and a PC. You need only a monitor and this Ubuntu smartphone to make a full Ubuntu PC. So guys, you have a PC anywhere, in your pocket. Just connect your Ubuntu smartphone to your TV or another monitor, bring your keyboard with you and you have a powerful Ubuntu PC in your hands. This is a super-phone and I think it will change the personal computing world. It could be the next-generation of personal computing.

The Hardware

Are you the person that takes care of your phone so much that your friends start to make fun of you? Are you the person that is scared of screen scratching? You do not have to worry anymore about your screen as much as you do now. The Ubuntu Edge protects its beautiful screen by using sapphire crystal. This material is very resistant and if someone that hates you so much want to scratch your gorgeous smartphone he or she will need diamonds to do that. This is so amazing, a screen that only diamonds can scratch!

What about the PC? How can this smartphone run a full desktop operating system and make a real PC? It requires raw power to make one. The Ubuntu Edge uses the fastest available quad-core processor and 4GB RAM.

What about your e-books, photos, movies, projects and applications? Does this awesome smartphone have enough space? Yes, in my opinion it has more than enough. It has a massive 128 GB of storage. I don’t know any other smartphone with this amount of storage, do you? Let me know in the comments if you do.

The Software

One cool thing about Ubuntu Phone is that it will ship with a Android dual-boot. Two smartphones in one device, so you can switch between Android and Ubuntu anytime you want. Maybe you use the Ubuntu Phone for most of the time, but there is this cool Android games that is not yet available for Ubuntu Phone that you like to play.

Ubuntu Phone does not have a home screen because it does not need one. You can open apps and switch to opened apps only by swiping. You can open your list of apps in the left edge and  switch instantly between open apps from the right. Isn’t it amazing!

Another thing that I find very innovative about this phone is the inbox. It has reinvented the inbox giving you the chance to save time by replying to text messages faster than ever. With Ubuntu Edge, you can tweet in an instant. Read more about software in my previous article here.

An amazing smartphone that is trying to make his own way from ground up that will be the next generation of personal computing, a phone that runs a full desktop OS, a PC that you can put in your pocket. This is Ubuntu Edge. A smartphone beast.

Now lets hope that they get $32 million in a month. We love Linux, right? Yes we do, it is the reason you visit our site. So guys, now it is time to come together as one, Linux lovers and open-source lovers. It is time to donate some dollars to this project. Even a dollar is worth. I am a Unixman, so now I am going to send some money from my PayPal account.

Please share this post with your friends and your family, and share it on social sites. Everybody should know about Ubuntu Edge. It is the future! Linux is the future.