Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix- A new distribution from canonical for companies and government institutions

Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix is a new distribution from canonical based on Ubuntu11.10 and is dedicated to companies and government institutions. It is a combination of  free software applications, certified commercial apps, and Canonical’s management solution and the main goal is to give  companies and institutions a free solution to save time and money while keeping productive.



The Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix contains all the software needed to integrate into your IT infrastructure while removing games, social networking and file sharing applications, development and sysadmin tools, and other software that organizations don’t commonly support.

This first release includes the Adobe Flash Plugin, VMware View, and the OpenJDK 6 Java run-time environment, while removing social networking and file sharing applications, games and development/sysadmin tools.

If you have a small business and you want to try Ubuntu Business Desktop remix, you can register and download it from this Link.

Via canonical.com