Ubuntu For Android Is No Longer In Development

According to an entry in Launchpad by an interface designer for Canonical, Matthew Paul Thomas, the Ubuntu for Android is no longer in development.

Matthew asks to remove ubuntu for android page from the www.ubuntu.com website, the article describes Ubuntu for Android as “the must-have feature for late-2012 high-end Android phones”, but since Ubuntu for Android is no longer in developed the page should be retired.

“Ubuntu for Android is no longer in development, so this page should be retired, along with http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/ubuntu-for-android/features”, writes Matthew.

I am not happy to see this, but unfortunately is true. Ubuntu for Android will be retired soon and this is also confirmed by Mahnke, the Web Lead at Canonical.

For those that don’t know Ubuntu for Android is a very nice project that makes possible to use your android smartphone as a full Ubuntu Desktop with all the necessary tools such as office software, web browsing, and many other applications.

All you have to do is dock your android phone to a screen and a keyboard.