Ubuntu 15.10 Final Is Available For Download

Ubuntu 15.10

The wait is over. Yeah, Ubuntu 15.10, codenamed Wily Werewolf, final version is available for download.

What’s new?

Nope, there’s nothing new as such and there’s nothing we can really say that is going to change your opinion from its predecessor, 15.04. Therefore, we recommend you to upgrade either out of habit and according to your regular upgrade schedule rather than out of a specific necessity for a specific feature of this release. Because there is really nothing that could possibly differentiate it from the older, yet still very stable 15.04 release. But if you’re going to stick with 15.04 for a little longer, we do recommend that you look at upgrading the kernel to the latest 4.2 branch.

Ubuntu 15.10 doesn’t bring any major new features, or performance improvements. It almost has the same features that the Ubuntu 15.04 and 14.xx versions had. A new default wallpaper, changes in the scrollbar appearance, few bug fixes, changes and feature improvements have been added in this version. Unity 8 is not included in this version too. Disappointed? Me too.

Here is what’s new in Ubuntu 15.10.

  • Linux kernel 4.2.1 ;
  • A new kernel for the Raspberry Pi 2 has also landed in the official archive ;
  • Unity 7.3.3 ;
  • Compiz ;
  • Firefox 41 ;
  • Chromium 45 ;
  • MATE 1.10 ;
  • Libreoffice 5.0.2 ;
  • Nautilus 3.14.2 ;
  • Totem 3.16 ;
  • Rhythmbox 3.2.1 ;
  • GNOME 3.8 ;
  • GNOME Terminal 3.16 ;
  • Eye of GNOME 3.16 ;
  • Plasma desktop 5.4.2 ;
  • XFCE 4.12 ;
  • Empathy 3.12.10 ;
  • Shotwell 0.22 ;

For more details, check our recent review about Ubuntu 15.10 in the link given below.

Ubuntu New wallpaper

Here is the default Ubuntu wallpaper.

Ubuntu 15.10

Download Ubuntu 15.10

As of writing this, there is no official release announcement from Ubuntu, but the server and desktop stable images are already available for download in the Ubuntu download page. Go, get it and play with the new Ubuntu edition.

Upgrade to Ubuntu 15.10

In case you want to upgrade Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid to Ubuntu 15.10 Willy, refer the following link.

Good luck!