Ubuntu 12.10 Beta Released

The next version of Ubuntu 12.10 also known as Quantal Quetzal has just reached the beta phase. So, it’s time to take a look inside and check upon the new features and updates.

Unity Preview 

In Unity desktop and particularly in Dash, when you single-click on a file, it opens. Now, you can right click and select the “Preview” option, meaning different behavior for each file type. For example, if you right click on a audio file, a “preview pane” will be opened displaying valuable information about the song, such as artist, year of release, duration, album’s name, artwork etc. It’s a very neat feature that allows you to quickly grasp related information by a glance.




I suppose you have already been informed about that at our previous article (Taking your desktop experience to the next level). So, Ubuntu 12.10 will be a social paradise for those of you who would like to interfere their desktop with social widgets, such as Facebook and Twitter stuff. For instance let’s say you use Gmail, so when a new mail arrives in your inbox, there will be an e-mail notifier to ring the bell in your desktop.


Improved Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is a similar technology to Apple’s iCloud and Windows Skydrive. Now, it extends itself to Dropbox-like features, such as file sharing service. You can share your files with your friends, colleagues and co-workers in a very simply way; just send them a link to the file you want to share with. It’s a great built-in feature that can be useful to anyone who uses Internet these days.


Geek stuff

While most users don’t care about these, we’re pretty sure that unixmen readers are interested to know every single detail in their system. First off, if you would like to read in depth about these topics, please take a look at Chris Jone’s article Looking Ahead.

  •  – Python 2 is going to be replaced by Python 3
  •  – New x.Org 1.13 with updated libraries and drivers
  •  – Better desktop performance for modern PCs
  •  – Nautilus updated to 3.4.2
  •  – Ubuntu icon reinstated
  •  – 800MB instead of 700MB LiveCD

Release date is scheduled for 18 October.

Get Ready 😉