Ubuntu 12.04 Scores Highest In UK Govt Security Assessment

Communications-Electronics Security Group (CESG), the security arm of the UK government that assesses operating systems and software, has published its findings for all ‘End User Device’ operating systems (OSs).

Its assessment compared 11 desktop and mobile operating systems across 12 categories including: VPN, disk encryption, and authentication. These criteria are roughly equivalent to a standard set of enterprise security best practices, and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS came out on top – the only operating system that passed nine requirements without any “Significant Risks”

Below is a an expert from the summarized report here:

“All in all Ubuntu 12.04 LTS stacks up as the most secure of the current desktop and mobile operating systems. Supported by Canonical with free security updates for 5 years, and without malware problems, it’s hard to beat in official public sector applications. We are working hard to close the gap and make Ubuntu clearly stand out as the most trustworthy operating system for the future and we hope to make excellent progress before our next LTS release in April 2014, 14.04 LTS, which will be even better.”

Read UK Govt Report Summary here (PDF)

News credit insights.ubuntu.org