Ubuntu 11.10 likely to get backup with déjà Dup as default

True to form Ubuntu 11.10 is being fleshed up with several features while, some legacies that continued, are being removed. So, in comes the Deja Dup backup tools as default while the computer janitor is being removed as some of the non-geeks where tripping up on it. Deja dup becoming default is under the scanner yet and is pending adaption.

First, a look at Deja Dup backup as default

computing common sense dictates- all data needs to have a backup. Canonical decided to go one-step further with Deja Dup a simple backup tool as a default app. It offers desktop users to backup locally, remotely as well as on virtual/cloud locations.

Deja Dup in brief

Deja Dup is essentially a very simple to use backup tool as most of the core operations of backing up files is done behind the hood. It takes the right route with encrypted, off-site as well as regular back up. The backend is provided by duplicity.

Where Deja Dup impresses is its secure encrypting and data compressing capabilities. Additionally it can also provide increment-based backup along with calendaring features. Schedules can be drawn for back up routines. LiveCDs backup compatibility is a feature on Deja Dup. Ubuntu One the ubuntu cloud capability is a future option for backing up by default.

Why Deja Dup for Ubuntu 11.10

Deja Dup appears the most attractive at this point as alternative solutions lack Unity or GNOME capability. Besides, it has had a life-cycle of close to four years and is proven as it is already a default on Fedora.
Some are wary of Deja Dup onissues as native format loss and restricted to duplicity for file restoration. The size of Deja Dup fitting into the 700mb Ubuntu CD is also being discussed in great detail. Some believe the space leftover from RackSpace and Amazon is sufficient to hold Deja Dup though still have to be cut down from its 6MB to 3MB. Perhaps offering the cut-up features of Deja Dup on Ubuntu Software Centre would ensure full product feature availability. Besides, Linux Mint is on DVD and is works good with download updates and the size of 700MBs is negligible as it depends on the quality of installer put into use.

Some alternatives doing the rounds in the community

Deja Dup has revived the discussion on backup tools with great capabilities and doing the rounds are some great tools-Back In Time, Luckybackup. While many are comparing déjà Dup features with the others, it needs to be seen how déjà dup will lose the vote to become default backup tool on Ubuntu 11.10.

In fact, you could explore it as these are already available on Software Centre and all Ubuntu users can check on Deja Dup using either of the two PPAs-Stable and Development PPA.

Déjà dup is a classic backup tool that has proven itself. It will continue to offer effective backup for the 200 million Ubuntu users that Mark Shuttleworth is forecasting for the next four years.