Trollers now say 'Game Over' for Linux. What do you say?

At the centre of storm in the world of Linux is a post by Mike Gualtieri in his Forrester blog on the proliferation of Mobiles and the death of Linux post by Mike Gualtieri in his Forrester blog on the proliferation of Mobiles and the death of Linux on 26th October. You simply have to read the post, to understand why it is just high-profile trolling.

In the post the author makes a studied case of how Linux is a no-no, a has-been. He claims that Linux has hardly anything worth speaking about as it is not a innovator but merely a price-disruptor.

The post-quite simply gets some fundamental concepts of Linux itself wrong. Besides the author goes on to bungle further with making comparisons with several other platforms. At the root of the matter is that the author just has no understanding that Linux is only a Kernel or the Shell and only when this shell is layered with code will a product, such as the proprietary software he compares to, is born.

The products with core Linux run practically everything in computing today. He claims that sixty percent of servers only run on this software. And he refers to statistics and says linux could not match Microsoft prowess on the desktop as Linux only has a 2% share on desktops.

Though a very brief post, the author continues to comment, neigh preach, that Linux did have an opportunity for world dominance but now has lost the race to mobile platforms like iOS, Android and is therefore Game over.

But in his recent tweet he does claim-


Throughout the post, the author appears rather naïve, and definitely demonstrates his lack of knowledge of even fundamental aspects of Linux. He claims, “Android is built on top of Linux, but Linux is only one of many piece parts of the Android mobile operating system. It is not a Linux distribution.“

When ill-informed comments such as these are made by authors who claims to be an Analyst providing – Application Development & Delivery Professionals for a reputed and highly respected analyst firm such as Forrester, it does require some clearing-of-air by Linux Community.

Linux users have risen to the occasion, largely to reiterate the ignorance and incompetence of the author to call “Game Over” for Linux, especially when he lacks basic/fundamental knowledge about it.

Probably, if it was a pro-proprietary user who was trolling over Linux, genuine Linux users would have given the post a large miss and continued to enjoy working on their fav distros.

But, when pretentious and unprofessional authors claim its the end of the world for a committed community, it does raise the clarion call to help authors like him understand, they cannot get away with passing epithets.

Given that the author was say innovative Operating Systems have killed Linux, it is surely not a comment even a casual-user of Linux is going to let pass quietly!