The top web security threats

  • Keep Software up-to-date

It may look as if it’s so obvious, but actually work as a great tip to ensure security of your website. There could be different software running on your website. Keeping them updated ensures that you are safe from external attacks using outdated internal software.

  • Passwords

It is advisable for website owners to regularly update their passwords. It is also important for them to use complex passwords that may give hackers a hard time in cracking. Simple passwords that follow a specific trend are easily cracked by hackers and thus the need to have more complex ones.

  • Use Website Security Tools

There are actually simplified ways in which one can use to protect their websites. There are website security tools, also known as penetration testing, which can help you protect your website from hackers. Of course, there are free and paid tools. It is a precise guess that paid website security tools work better than the free ones in protecting your web site.

  • erver Side Validation/Form Validation

It is important to validate from both the browser and server’s side. This could help in catching up simple failures that may end up harming your PC.

  • Uninstall Plug-ins you don’t use

If there are plug-ins that you don’t use, you should not keep them in your computer but rather uninstall them. If there is any plug-in that you are not sure of, just uninstall it. It is also important to keep the remaining plug-ins updated to ensure that they don’t work as virus transmitter.

  • Check on your Browser Extensions


You should actually be very careful with the extensions you have in your browser. Most extensions work to transmit virus into computers and thus one should be very careful on the extensions they have in their computers.

  • Use a 64-bit Web Browser

It looks simple but very helpful in making your website secure. There are programs that have better security features in 64-bit browsers. Make use of these security features to protect yourself against external attacks that may come your way.

  • Do not Give too much Information in your Error Messages

If you are running a website, you should be very careful with the error messages. You should be very careful while providing your confidential data on web. Giving too much information can lead to a hack and compromise your website’s security.

The above mentioned are some of the tips that can be used in providing security to websites. Remember, website’s security begins from securing your PC. It is therefore very important to use the above stated tips to secure your PC. Otherwise, the information given above can be very useful in promoting awareness and boosting security on the web.