Top Five New Releases of the week you need to watch

Here are some just released distros that are interesting and great to work with. Monomaxos is a refreshing Greek distro for those who prefer an out-of-box linux-logoLinux OS. dyne:bolic, Plop Linux, Toorox and Network Security Toolkit have just released over the past week and will make for an enriching experience.

Monomaxos 6.0

Monomaxos is an Ubuntu 11.04 based distro that supports full-fledged playback of diverse multimedia material, internet content from a box and a Media Centre and as an extended XBMC Media Centre. It includes browser plugins, support for DVD playback, media codecs and provides components for Java, Flash. Libre Office Suite, v3.3 is in Greek with a spell check feature. It also offers full support for multiple form factors- Laptop PCs. A first in this edition, are the local Monomaxos repository on the DVD with the latest graphic drivers ATI/NVIDIA. Download is enabled here.




dyne:bolic 3.0 Beta 4

Rastasoft’ or dyne:bolic is a media optimizer for older/slower computers. It has just announced the release of its latest beta version dyne:bolic 3.0, a major version, for testing. By nature, this distro is built from scratch but this version differs by being developed on the Ubuntu 9.10. This has a core that has no expensive branded software, binary blobs on Linux v 3. Its high point is that with skeletal hardware you could run a cluster of Xbox game. Download mirrors available here.



Plop Linux

This is a small utility live CD with Fluxbox, GNOME and has just released version 4.1.2. At its core it is designed for data disaster management. With this data can be rescued from disaster-struck systems, provide backup as well as restore operating systems. Automation of common tasks is made easy with this distro. Download mirrors include-




A Gentoo-based DVD distro, that boots on KNOPPIX on KDE desktop with auto-technologies for detection and configuration. It is perfect for backing up data, anonymous Internet browsing. The new release comes with two variants- the ‘Xfce’ and ‘Xfce-lite’ editions. The ‘Xfce’ edition is for the Xfce destop 4.8.0, on lesser resources and older hardware. The newer hardware will enable lightning fast.

The Xfce-Lite comes with Xfce 4.8.0 but is a very edited and compact version. It comes with smaller alternatives with Abiword for LibreOffice, Midori replaces IceCat and Thunderbird replaces ‘Claws-Mail’. Download mirrors for this distribution are available.


Network Security Toolkit 2.15.0

Backed by Paul Blankenbaker, NST or Network Security Toolkit has just announced the 2.15.0. It is based on Fedora available on Live DVD working to provide full-fledged security applications on open source platform. It has new dynamic, integrated SVG/AJAX network interface that monitors network bandwidth rates. New RPM packages, WUI are integrated to offer the Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner and the Greenbone security too. IPv6 security investigation too can be handled with the RPM package. You can download the distro here to explore other loaded security applications. With some low-level hardware an entire network security solution can be implemented with NST.