Top 10 apps to Boost Business Productivity

Android business apps

A few years ago, Blackberry was the only smartphone that was considered perfect for corporate customers. But with the advent of Android, people no longer need Blackberries. Maybe that’s a major reason for the downfall of RIM. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you don’t need anything else. All major business apps are right here. And it offers far more than what Blackberry offers. Want to enhance your business productivity using Android? Here are some cool apps for that.

GoAruna. This application is best file-sharing and storage tool. Just upload your files on GoAruna and access your files no matter where you are. No need to carry your laptop everywhere. Just use this app and open your files from anywhere.

Another business application is ‘EverNote’. I know I have mentioned Evernote many times in my previous posts, but it is really good software and is useful in many aspects. To increase business productivity, use this app to take notes in meetings. It also lets you embed voice, pictures, web pages, and videos in your notes, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Another one is QuotoPro, which lets you get stock values on your phone. This app is perfect for the busy stock executive who wants continuous updates on many companies, and the increase and decrease in stock prices by the minute.

You should also try Seesmic. This app is very easy to use. If you are an online businessman who stays up-to-date with all his social media platforms, Seesmic is the right app to have. No need to log into different social networking websites to see your updates. Just log into seismic and be active on all social media platforms.

K-9 Mail is a very powerful email client for Android, and is surprising because it is free. It has features like IMPA mails, multi folder syncing, adding signatures, and flagging mails. Like most other mailing apps, it supports POP3, IMAP, and Exchange. Since it is an open source app, you are welcome to make additions or modifications to it.

One app that you must try is Locale. This app boasts of being the artificial intelligence of Android. When you arrive at your work place, your phone will automatically be on silent mode, and Wi-Fi will be switched on. You just have to set your location on this app and Locale will understand what to do and when. The idea of Locale was conceived when a phone rang in a courtroom and nobody took responsibility. The judge then sentenced 46 people to prison because of this incident. If you know your boss hates ringing phones in office, Locale is what you must have.

GDocs is the application which gives you better access to your Google docs, so you can stay connected to all your documents, like spreadsheets, presentations, and other files.

Bump is an app that lets you bump your phone with another phone to transfer data. You don’t really have to bump phones together. Just bump your hands holding the phones, and transfer the data you want.