Tomahawk 0.5 has been released!

Great news for everyone that uses the most promising music player available for the Linux platform, as the Tomahawk developers announced a few days ago the availability of version 0.5 + a small bugfix 0.5.1 release.

This version update is the successor of the 0.4.2 that we used on our comparison here in The biggest complain we had was the stability sector, and some small features that were not ready yet. The stability improvements can be only estimated after some time of usage, but as far as I tested, it looks like things were greatly improved on that sector. This is the full changelog:

Version 0.5.1:
    * Better detection of local networks for the Local Network connector.
    * Don’t prompt for access permission for your own accounts.
Version 0.5.0:
    * SOCKS5 proxy support improvements for resolvers and more.
    * Initial Access Control support, allowing users to define who is able to
      access and stream from their collection.
    * Priortize resolution of a track on double-click.
    * Spotify Resolver can now be easily installed on-demand from the settings.
    * You can now sync selected playlists (and updates) with Spotify.
    * Support .aiff (AIFF mimetype) files.
    * Cleaned up Diagnostics window.
    * You can tell Tomahawk to stop playback after a certain track finished.
    * Double-clicking a playlist name (in the sidebar) will start the playlist.
    * You can now import your entire playback history into Tomahawk.
    * Fixed sorting of related artists.
    * Support for multimedia keys (Play, Pause, Next etc.) on Windows & Linux.
    * When listening privately scrobbling to and Adium is now disabled.
    * Added a toolbar with page back / forward buttons and the global search.
    * New grid-like view with direct playback controls.
    * You can now browse new releases (by genre).
    * Added social sharing widget, which allows you to tweet about a song.
    * Added a track page showing a song’s similar tracks and statistics.
    * Separate Loved Tracks and Recently Played views per source.
    * Combine an artist’s albums into a single aggregated view.
    * Added translations for Arabic, French, Bulgarian, Spanish and more.
    * Fixed XSPF auto-updating.
    * New Tomahawk logo and icon.

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