tmux: A Terminal multiplexer

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tmux is a terminal multiplexer written in C. It enables a number of terminals to be created, accessed, and controlled from a single screen. It is similar to GNU Screen tool. A user can easily manage multiple tasks and command line programs on a Linux system, without having to open many Terminal windows. tmux may be detached from a screen and continue running in the background, then later reattached.

Install tmux

On Debian/Ubuntu:

sk@sk:~$ sudo apt-get install tmux


It will not be found in official repositories. So add EPEL repository to install tmux.

[root@server ~]# rpm -ivh

Now install tmux with the following command:

[root@server ~]# yum install tmux


To start tmux, simply enter the following command:

[root@server ~]# tmux

Now you will be placed in the new tmux session. The default prefix key stroke is “CTRL+B”. You will need to first press these key pairs for any other commands. For complete list of commands first press “CTRL+B” then press “?”. This command will list all possible key bindings.


Create new tmux session

To create a new tmux session press “CTRL+B” and then press “C”. You will be placed in the new session.

root@server:~_008The green bar in the bottom will show the number of opened tmux sessions. The * mark shows the current session.

To list all sessions and move between sessions press “CTRL+B” and “W” keys. Use the arrow keys to select the session you want to attach and press Enter. You will be attached to corresponding session. To exit from a session, simply type the command “exit”.

root@server:~_010Split session windows

To split the current window vertically, press “CTRL+B” and press “%” key.


Detach from session

To detach from a session, press “CTRL+B” and press “D”. You will be detached from all sessions and redirected to original terminal screen.

Resume session

To go back to sessions (resume), enter the following command:

[root@server ~]# tmux attach

Now you will be attached to original session where you came from. For more example about tmux command refer the man pages:

[root@server ~]# man tmux