Time to Show Your Skills. Join the Ubuntu App Contest

Hi guys, how are we all? Are you ready for some hard work and for some good prices? Would you like to win an LG Nexus 4 with Ubuntu Touch and many applications pre-installed? Are you out there all alone trying to make a name for yourself by developing mobile based apps? Are you a teenager with big dreams and small budget? Do you feel like you have the right skills, but you never had the chance to show them off?

You can win a LG Nexus 4 just by participating in the second Ubuntu app Contest. If you qualify as a winner, you will have the opportunity to get people to know you and your work by having your app included in the default Ubuntu install images for smartphones and tablets.

Details about the Contest


The Ubuntu app Contest is free to enter and it is open to everyone. You have six weeks to develop your app and this period of time started on Wednesday August 7, 2013. Your app will be judged by a team of five judges. These judges are Jono Bacon (Ubuntu Community Manager), Joey-Elijah Sneddon (Writer and Editor-in-Chief of OMG! Ubuntu), Lisette Slegers (User Experience Designer at Canonical), Nekhelesh Ramananthan (Ubuntu Touch Core app developer) and Bill Filler (Engineering Manager for the Phone & Tablet app Team).

Are you curious to know what are the criteria your app should meet so it can score high?

Trust me, at this moment more than ever, the Ubuntu Team is looking for apps that may be useful to general users. So you should keep in mind this while you develop your app. If the jury thinks your app is helpful to the masses, I am sure you have a big chance to win this competition and you will make a name for yourself.

Ubuntu users will thank you for your wonderful job! Some other criteria on which the jury will be based to review your app are listed below:

  • Features – a wide range of useful and interesting features
  • Quality – a high quality, stable and bug-free application experience
  • Design – your app should harness the Ubuntu Design Guidelines so it looks, feels and operates like a Ubuntu app
  • Awareness/Promotion – we will award extra points to those of you who Blog, Tweet, Facebook, Google+ and otherwise share updates and information about your app as it progress


Does your app have nice new features? If it is the same with other previous apps, why should people stop using them and start using yours? Does your app have nice performance?

You know, we Ubuntu and Linux users in general care a lot about performance. Hmmm I am not finished yet, so keep reading. Does your app bring something new to the game? Are you ambitious and driven enough to keep promoting, developing and supporting your users? If you keep all of this in mind, you will do great.

What are you waiting. There are many developers out there that have the same dreams with you and they are working to chase their dreams. What about you, what are you doing here? Enter the contest now. It is free to enter and you have nothing to lose even if you don’t win the contest, you will learn a lot from this exciting experience. If you don’t know people think about your apps, how are you going to know to better yourself?