The Odyssey of the SeaMonkey

SeaMonkey has all the typical features of an all-in-one internet application suite that is the trademark of Mozilla, the House of designermozilla-seamonkey Web Browser makers. Firefox, Thunderbird, Camino, Sunbird and Miro are some of the other famous browsers that are supported by the Mozilla foundation.

Netscape and Mozilla are the pioneers of these multi-featured browsers and today only Mozilla remains as one-of-a-kind specialist browser developers. They have consistently delivered innovative and high-featured browsers that have quickly evolved the very format of internet. Besides, their open source orientations are attractive and humbling features, considering that today it is one of a kind in its segment.

Odyssey of SeaMonkey

One of its more popular browsers as a project is the SeaMonkey. It is a winning combination for SeaMonkey as it uses features of the Netscape communicator as well as the cross-platform architecture of Mozilla. The core features, which are the highlight of SeaMonkey suite is the browser feature powered by the powerful engines that run Mozilla Firefox. The main features-tabbed browsing, popup blocking, detecting feed, smart location of the bar is some of the main features on the SeaMonkey.

SeaMonkey remains a spin of the Mozilla Thunderbird code and is hence very efficient in filtering junk mail, tags as well as mail views. Web feeds reading, messaging on different tabs, multiple accounts are some of the legacies that are continued on SeaMonkey. Where SeaMonkey attracts the Linux user is its additional components with an HTML editor. The ChatZilla IRC applications as well as web development tools such as the DOM Inspector and the JavaScript are used as debuggers and offers specialized support.

However, the main attraction of SeaMonkey is the fabulous Add-on features that provide additional function features as well as customization features.

Why use SeaMonkey?

For those coming from the SeaMonkey background, the main attraction is the robust add-on features. For everyday tasks, it is commonly for most desktops to host two or more browsers running simultaneously considering the nature of work happening. As with everything else in life one opts for a heavy duty hauler type of browser for multiple tasks and those that need to be running in the background. A fast featured, robust browser is ideal for fast and quick browsing and the SeaMonkey makes the ideal choice for it. It is highly light-featured but its intuitive features ensure that it offers better and well featured range of browsing with a host of inbuilt security features.

These are truly necessary consider that an average day of browsing would be in and out of 40 to 50 websites. A panel that allows one the option to set privacy levels and features to clear history even during sessions are unique and make it userfriendly. Additional features such are restore session of previously closed windows and other advanced features make the SeaMonkey odyssey complete.

This is one SeaMonkey you should enjoy exploring for true open source experience.