The King of Linux Distros

The open source survives and thrives by the sheer number of distros available. Proprietary software is just a small pond compared to the enormous number of distros available for open source. Again, distros are qualitatively superior and robust give developers the powerful tools that inspire their creativity, which they crave. One of the most popular distros ever is the Debian distro.

Debian is one of the original true-blood linux distributions. It is perhaps the wheel of Linux. In human civilization, the invention of the wheel was one of original inventions, which helped civilization grow. It is simply impossible to reinvent the wheel. Debian is that perfect linux distro that almost anything else ever written in linux can replace it. it will simply remain a powerful version of the original Debian.

Debian for stability

Debian remains most popular because of several reasons and perhaps the most popular of them all is the stability factor. Perhaps the original practice of releasing only the tried and tested version, sans the critical bugs and the integration of all tools for smooth functioning make it the most popular of linux distro for web hosting service providers.

Great developer input

Perhaps the number of developers working on Debian is unmatched by almost all other present or past distros. The community is phenomenal, this by itself is a pointer to how effective and well structured, and an excellent solution provider the distro is. However, this also means that there will be more than one answer and choosing the best for your needs itself becomes the most difficult thing to do.

Crisp and clear documentation

An excellent feature on the debain that encourages and sets the creative juices running to get going on the features are the powerful manuals that are crisp with pages and links to the debian Wiki, the Debian Policy Manual etc. The immense alternative sources for well documented and validated information from news sites, blogs ensure that you will always find the right answer for any issue.

Perfect for desktop as well as Web Server

One of the perfect examples for what a linux distro should be capable of is the adaptability feature of Debain. Highly secure and stable it is ideal for a web server. But with close to 20,000 and more GUI applications, it is perfect for desktop environments.

How is Debian the king of Linux distros

As with everything else in software, every distro is much loved by its followers and there is great difference of opinion on which is the best of linux distros. Debian is a point in example of what a good linux distro should be and is the template for almost every other distro to have ever appeared. Hence the discussion was more on how powerful the features of Debian are rather than proving others are no match to this classic distro. Almost every distro has powerful features that set the tone for the entire distro to develop and evolve. Debian is perhaps the only linux distro that is so feature rich that every feature by itself can be spun into an effective application or tweaked to become another distro.

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