The Enlightened one is here-Bodhi Linux1.0.0

You could call it E or E17, but, whatever you choose to call the Bodhi Linux 1.0.0, with the Enlightment 17 window manager for the first time, it will remain to be one of the true Ubuntu based distros. It will continue to remain on most Linux desktops for its exceptional modular structure and high customization features.


Why E17?

What makes the distro truly en-Light-ed are the EFL or the Enlightmet Foundation Libraries, that cut down to the core and ensure you simple remove the affected libraries and rebuild those that you want to retain and rebuild as the Enlighted continues to grow. The core features remain-minimalistic, wine-dependent compatibility to windows applications and frugal system requirements. E15

What is Bodhi Linux ?

The latest addition to Linux open source came to be called thus because of twin reasons of the entire enlightened desktop scenario as well as the user choice predominance. In Buddhist parlance, Bodhi is the sacred tree and sitting under which enlightment was arrived at by Buddha. Therefore, the adaption of the Bodhi leaf as the logo for Bodhi Linux.

Where the Bodhi Linux is a true one-of a kind is because of the window manager feature of Enlightment. The end result is that what comes onto the desktop is what the user wants as he remains the decision maker right from the default theme, system layout to the applications that will sit on the computing desk. That is the reason only a skeleton of pre-installs appear on the Bodi system-Midori, Leafpad, Synaptic, PCManFM etc. The Bodhi Software center can be used as het ode to choose and install any other application critical to your needs. Bodhi is simply enlightening in several methods- one it lightens the entire desktop, you simply remove all that you never use and retain the parts that you use constantly.

Bodhi Linux scores for being the light weight but definitely not a push over under the heavy distros from LXDE to XFCE. The key is that the Bodhi is an Ubuntu 10.04 based project that spirals on the Enlightment Desktop. The LXDE services as the terminal and the login system manager and comes with self-packaged .bod. and ensures it is compatible with all required systems.

Impressive so far

Perhaps the GIMP start up is ideal to understand and determine some of the unique and deserving capabilities. The GIMP start time for a Bodhi Linux machine was simply 10.10 whereas the average start up time is 11.1 seconds. The slowest start uptime is found to have halved considerably.

Bodhi Linux will become a powerful and well used distro soon

Bodhi is stable and it greatly empowers the desktop user like never before. Several times, the desktop remains cluttered –to –unorganized essentially because a lot of junk you will never, use but part of the large UI that you need not only limit your optimizing your desktop for your specific needs. Of course it offers eye candy and the like the Buddha the leaf does a lot  of the talking and yet remains within the context of a light-weight fast moving pugilist who could well knock out the breath of better established distros, much unlike its calm, restrained but truly enlightened namesake.

Here are some screenshots from the Final release of Bodhi 1.0.0